Clinton Crony Cruelly Mocks Vanessa Trump's Sex Life, Confirms Women Are Pawns to the Left


Civility, tolerance and the “war on women” — those are frequent liberal talking points, but one of the most well-connected Democrat operators just got caught in appalling hypocrisy on all of them.

On Wednesday, a close personal adviser to Hillary Clinton named Philippe Reines went on a bizarre and unhinged attack on Vanessa Trump.

Vanessa is the wife of Donald Trump Jr. and the mother of five of President Donald Trump’s grandchildren. She and Don Jr., however, are dealing with marriage problems and are facing a pending divorce, a fact that the Clinton insider decided to mock with his disgusting message.

In a tweet that can only be described as revolting, Reines brought up a past boyfriend of Vanessa’s, and then taunted Don Jr. about his wife’s past sex life with disturbing detail.

“Vanessa being with a Latin King must’ve driven you insanely jealous,” Reines wrote about the woman’s past Hispanic boyfriend.

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“The machismo, the passion. Tough act to follow,” he taunted Don Jr. “Did you wonder if she fantasized about Valentin Rivera when intimate with you?”

“She did. Every time,” Reines continued, creepily pretending to know about the intimate thoughts of the president’s daughter-in-law.


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It must be pointed out that Reines is much more than a random bully. He’s been a close, trusted adviser in the Clinton circle for decades, beginning with Al Gore’s presidential campaign.

Reines worked as Clinton’s press secretary while she was a senator, and was later promoted to a senior adviser position when Clinton became secretary of state.

He was also a personal spokesperson for Chelsea Clinton during Hillary’s presidential campaign. Shockingly, his sexually slanderous attack on Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump was so bad that Chelsea spoke out against it online.

“This man was the Press Secretary and a Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton,” posted a person named Robby Starbuck. “Philippe Reines was also the spokesman for Chelsea Clinton,” he continued, tagging Chelsea on Twitter. “I wonder how they feel about this tweet from Philippe?”

The former first daughter responded with two words. “It’s vile,” she declared.

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Remember, Reines’ sexually-tinged attack on the Trumps was public and came from his verified Twitter account, with the sole purpose of mocking a husband and wife with five young children who are in the middle of an emotional divorce. This is the man the Clintons trusted as their spokesperson.

The disturbing incident is a perfect illustration of how many Democrats seem to actually view women. After all the talk about the “war on women” and Clinton’s scolding about feminism, it is the Clinton’s own operators who make sexual comments and slander women.

It’s very clear that to Reines, Vanessa Trump — a woman, wife and mother — was nothing more than a disposable pawn. She was a stepping stone to attack Don Jr., and the Clinton ally had no problem trashing her private sexuality in the process.

A last name of “Trump” makes people less than human, at least in his eyes. This is what has been coined Trump Derangement Syndrome in all its sad glory: To the modern left, the ends justify the means, no matter how sickening or vile.

American voters — especially women — are taking note.

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