College Students Turn on Chelsea Clinton, Say She 'Stoked' New Zealand Massacre

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These days, it’s tempting to point fingers at the Clintons — even Chelsea — when it comes to identity politics. Bill, Hillary and their daughter have a flair for the hypocritical.

Lord knows, after President Clinton’s impeachment trial and his wife’s 2016 epic fail on the campaign trail, we don’t need a third Clinton making a run for the presidency — especially when she proves to be out of her league when tweeting criticism of President Trump.

The family has become like a proverbial bad penny.

That said, it’s easy to come to Chelsea’s defense when she was unfairly blamed — for preposterous reasons — for Friday’s deadly shootings at two New Zealand mosques.

A video of NYU students confronting Clinton — who happens to be pregnant, not that her accosters cared — has gone viral. One student actually went so far as to assert, “Forty-nine people died because of the rhetoric you put out there.”

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The students’ remarks and accusations stemmed from Clinton’s own criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar and her ill-advised comments about Israel.

Even when Clinton took the high road by replying to the college’s troublemakers, “I’m so sorry you feel that way,” that wasn’t good enough. The insinuation that she “stoked” the massacre at the two mosques is a shameless way of claiming Clinton has blood on her hands.

Do you think those college students crossed a line?

Forget the fact she was nowhere near the vicinity of Christchurch, New Zealand. Never mind that she has zero known connections to the alleged gunman.

Clinton’s accusers were determined to proceed with their abomination of an agenda and put the woman in her place. In this current political climate, there’s no end — no discernible limit — to unreasonable individuals taking down others. Brazen behavior triggered by a mob mentality has become the norm.

To her credit, Clinton had expressed sincere condolences on Twitter about the New Zealand tragedy.

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It’s worth noting that even Donald Trump Jr. wrote a tweet of his own, hardly mincing words, to back Clinton.

When a Trump actually defends a Clinton, you know the latter’s attackers must truly be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

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James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications and websites for 30 years.
James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications, corporations and websites -- including Montecito Journal, Dayton Daily News and Lexis-Nexis -- for 30 years.