Comedian's Spoof Video Showing What Smollett 'Really Did' That Night Is Hilarious


While various elements of the Jussie Smollett case are very serious, some have pointed out some of the humor in the fact that his tale sounded like a badly written script.

Comedian Dale Cover might have set the gold standard with a video he posted to YouTube video on Tuesday that purports to tell “The Truth About Jussie Smollett from Empire.”

“Was it a hate crime or a hoax,” the YouTube description reads. “In this video, we got breaking news showing the real story. We find out just who the two Nigerian’s (sic) were and their alleged role in the staged attack.”

Cover began the video by establishing himself in the role of Smollett, recounting the events surrounding the alleged attack as if he was answering a question in the real interview Smollett gave to ABC’s “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts.

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Cover, as Smollett, says that he just did what anyone would do when they got hungry at 2 a.m. in Chicago in January. He headed out on foot for a 24-hour Walgreens to pick up a salad and “weed.” Finding the Walgreens closed, he then opted for a 24-hour Subway and upon leaving, things went bad.

” … out of nowhere, I heard, ‘EMPIRE! Listen, you (foul language bleeped), this is MAGA country! Make America great again!'”

Two villains accost Cover in the video, clearly trying to act threatening.

A screeching sound is heard as Cover tells his “attackers,” “Stop. Wait a minute. You got a dashiki on, and you don’t even sound American.

Do you believe Smollett faked his alleged attack?

“I asked for two goons to help me make America great again,” Cover complains. “And they sent two Nigerians. What is this, 1619?”

He tells the men he’ll “edit that part out” and said the group should “just skip ahead.” He’d barely instructed one of the two men to hit him when what sounded like a very brutal punch to the face takes place.

That’s promptly followed by the two “attackers” being shown from Cover’s point of view, giving him a serious beating. When the camera angle flipped to show Cover being attacked, it also showed him signaling that he was ready for the beating to end.

“Stop” he says, indicating his clothing. “This is Prada.”

“You better not pour that bleach on me,” he says, but the words are met by another punch to the head.

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The men then help Cover to his feet as he congratulates them on a job well done.

“Who wants Subway?” he says.

What makes this video even more ridiculous is how closely it actually mirrors the facts surrounding the “attack” as they were originally presented. The video actually incorporates — and makes a joke out of — some of the elements critics questioned in Smollett’s story since the details were first made public.

From Smollett’s supposed decision to head out into freezing Chicago night — at 2 a.m. — just for a sandwich, to his story that he was recognized and attacked by two thugs out of the blue — and supporters of President Donald Trump, no less — the account was questionable from the start.

Cover’s video pointed all of that out, and more.

It also showed why some skeptics have been referring to Smollett’s version of the events that night as “a badly written” script.

But Cover, some would argue, did it better.

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