Comey Demands Americans 'Use Every Breath' To End Trump


Disgraced and fired FBI Director James Comey — as well as his supporters — have endeavored greatly to portray the former top law enforcement official as being completely impartial, nonpartisan and unbiased, a narrative that runs counter to the incredibly biased and partisan decisions Comey made that definitely showed a distinct partiality toward one political side over the other.

As director of the FBI, Comey overlooked mounds of evidence showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her associates had violated numerous laws and regulations in order to exonerate her. Meanwhile, he allowed for the opening of investigations against then-candidate Donald Trump and his associates based off unverified political opposition research bought and paid for by Clinton and Democrats — investigations that continue to this day via the Robert Mueller-led special counsel investigation.

But Comey’s continued claims of impartiality were revealed to be an utter sham on Sunday as the supposedly unbiased lawman urged Americans to electorally oust Trump from the presidency in 2020, and said the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, no matter who it ended up being, simply had to win the election in “landslide” fashion, per a report from CNN.

Speaking at an event in New York City with MSNBC host Nicole Wallace, a former Bush White House official turned vehemently NeverTrump “Republican,” Comey said, “All of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021.”

He further urged the disparate ideological wings of the Democratic Party — progressive leftists versus establishment moderates — to set aside any differences they had and unite together behind a concerted effort to defeat Trump at the polls in 2020. Comey said, “I understand the Democrats have important debates now over who their candidate should be, but they have to win. They have to win.”

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Comey spoke for more than an hour and repeatedly attacked the sitting president on a number of fronts, even comparing the Trump administration to the mafia families and crime syndicates he’d prosecuted in the past. He also accused the president of engaging in “witness tampering” via his use of Twitter and suggested that Mueller was “close” to naming Trump as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the alleged crimes purportedly committed by some of his associates.

It is worth noting, however, that Comey seemed to withhold his support of the general push from the left to impeach President Trump. Comey described “Trumpism” as a sort of political ill infecting the country, one that needed to be excised “in a landslide rid ourselves of this attack on our values.”

Comey added, “Removal by impeachment would muddy that,” and insinuated that roughly a third of the country — presumably in reference to the solid base of loyal support maintained among the populace by Trump, which has never dipped below the mid thirties percentage-wise — would view removal by impeachment as a veritable “coup” against the duly elected leader.

Comey also touched on his closed-door testimony to congressional committees on Friday, a transcript of which revealed that he had declined to answer or claimed no knowledge/faulty memory of a number of important issues with which he had been integrally involved as FBI director, and also took issue with a pair of tweets from Trump Sunday morning which criticized him for those non-answers.

Do you think Comey has ruined his own reputation?

Trump first tweeted, “On 245 occasions, former FBI Director James Comey told House investigators he didn’t know, didn’t recall, or couldn’t remember things when asked. Opened investigations on 4 Americans (not 2) – didn’t know who signed off and didn’t know Christopher Steele. All lies!”

After that, Trump also tweeted, “Leakin’ James Comey must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful! This whole deal is a Rigged Fraud headed up by dishonest people who would do anything so that I could not become President. They are now exposed!”

With a dismissive laugh, Comey said, “He’s finished reading the 253 pages?” He then sanctimoniously added, “My reaction to it is actually disturbing to me, which is kind of, ‘Eh, there he goes again.’ I thought I was ‘Lyin’ James Comey’ now I’m ‘Leakin’ James Comey’. But I kind of shrug and sometimes smile and laugh about it and then I have a secondary reaction, which is to be horrified at my own numb reaction. We have to remind ourselves the President of the United States of America is publicly announcing that people are committing crimes, that they should be in jail.”

On the topic of whether Trump’s tweets about the Mueller investigation constituted witness tampering, Comey said, “I’m not prepared to judge it, but again, if I were prosecuting a case in the Southern District of New York and a prominent person started attacking my witnesses, I’d want to know what’s going on there and does that cross the line from free speech, which we have to keep protected, into something else?”

The former FBI director also ludicrously cast blame on congressional Republicans for allegedly keeping it secret in 2016 that Russians were attempting to interfere in the upcoming election, apparently absolving the then-ruling Obama administration of any sort of culpability in the failure to notify the public of what was suspected of occurring.

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He also issued high praise for former President Barack Obama in comparison to Trump, and said, “I was struck that Barack Obama is the best listener as a leader I had ever seen and Donald Trump is the worst I’ve ever seen. Obama had the confidence to be quiet and try and get that. Donald Trump is a deeply, deeply insecure person, so I don’t see any prospect that he would be able to be quiet for long enough to hear the truth.”

If anyone was still under the illusion that James Comey was a professional, impartial and unbiased leader of law enforcement, those illusions were just destroyed by Comey himself as he made it abundantly clear which side of the partisan divide he resides on. The president’s decision to fire Comey in May 2017 is increasingly looking to be a very wise decision on Trump’s part.

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Ben Marquis has written on current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. He reads voraciously and writes about the news of the day from a conservative-libertarian perspective. He is an advocate for a more constitutional government and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, which protects the rest of our natural rights. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the love of his life as well as four dogs and four cats.
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