Hate: CNN Commentator Explodes Over Trump Supporter's Minority Son


Bitterness and vitriol seem to be the new campaign tactics of the left.

It’s hard to come to any other conclusion after the last few days. First, a prominent Democrat governor and possible 2020 presidential hopeful slammed American national pride, looking more like Oscar the Grouch than a winning candidate.

“We’re not going to make America great again,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared on Wednesday, his face twisted into a grimace. “It was never that great.”

Another face of the Democrat party echoed those words again that same night, while becoming visually angry at another woman for using her minority son as an example of hope.

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During a segment on CNN, former Congressional Black Caucus Director Angela Rye was brought on to debate the alleged lack of diversity within the White House.

Facing her was Trump campaign adviser Gina Loudon, and the contrast between the two women could not be more stark.

Rye, herself a minority, declared that the supposed reason there are few black individuals within the White House — a claim that has not been substantiated — is “because no one wants to go work for a racist.”

How exactly is someone supposed to respond to that? After all, the second guest on the panelist, Loudon, does work for the Trump team. In other words, the CNN guest blatantly implied that the woman appearing next to her was a racist. Welcome to “civil debate” in 2018.

Do you believe that bitterness and pessimism is driving voters away from Democrats?

Loudon didn’t get into a spitting match with her liberal opponent, instead choosing to take the high road.

“Angela, I understand your feelings on this,” Loudon said.

“No, you don’t,” Rye spat back, literally scowling.

Remember, it’s supposed to be Republicans who are dividing the country … according to the mainstream media, at least.

“I have an adopted minority son — yes, I do — who happens to have Down Syndrome,” Loudon replied, staying calm.

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The camera caught the liberal Rye rolling her eyes in disgust at that statement. Tolerance!

“He experiences bigotry every single day in a myriad of ways, not just because of his skin color but also because of his disability,” the conservative commentator continued.

Loudon went on to explain that she wouldn’t work for Trump’s campaign if she truly believed that his policies were hurting her own son, who is a minority.

She backed up that view with statistics about unemployment and job growth, both of which are the best they’ve ever been for blacks and Hispanics.

“It’s tantamount to what Andrew Cuomo said today … that America has never been great,” Loudon said, calling out her liberal opponent’s obvious bitterness.

That’s when the former black caucus leader lost it.

“America has never been great, and it’s not great because people like you come on and lie for the president of the United States and then tout, bring out your son as an example,” she shot out.

“Like, you gotta be completely ashamed of yourself,” Rye declared, her acerbic tone living up to her last name.

There’s no other way to put it: The liberal pundit returned civility with hatred, and turned what was supposed to be a decent conversation into a chance to mock a mentally disabled minority child … while shaming his mother for caring about him.

This is the core problem within the left that voices like Candace Owens have so brilliantly called out. Liberals seem to believe that only they can speak for minorities, and become visibly bitter or even spiteful when others who care about minority advancement dare to lean conservative.

If Democrats believe that anger and cynicism are going to win elections, they may be in for a wake-up call. The sneering petulance shown by Cuomo and now Rye does not attract people, it repels them.

Americans believe that there is good in the nation. They want to advance the country, not tear it down. That’s exactly why so many minority voters are increasingly rejecting the left … and hateful grumblers like Rye are not doing their party any favors.

Optimism wins.

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