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Cop Does 18 Pushups During Snowstorm To Honor Fallen Officers


With his hands against the frozen ground, a Fargo police officer hammered out 18 rapid-fire pushups to honor those killed in the line of duty.

So far, 15 police officers and three K-9 officers have been killed in the line of duty in 2019.

The sad statistic has spurred an online movement known as the #TBLpushupchallenge, which pays tribute to fallen officers by completing one pushup per life lost.

Officer Nick Janttie with the Fargo Police Department in Fargo, North Dakota, decided to personalize the challenge by completing his pushups during a snowstorm.

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The Fargo Police Department posted a video of Janttie, in uniform, completing his 18 pushups as quickly as possible.

Perhaps it’s a bit crazy to do pushups in a blizzard, but Janttie wanted to bring awareness to the sobering situation.

Fargo temperatures were around 0 degrees that day, according to Accuweather, but felt much colder with the windchill.

On Twitter, Fargo police chimed in to say that the felt temperature outside that day was around -40 degrees.

Officers around the country aren’t the only ones moving their bodies as a way to raise awareness of police killings in America.

Has your community done something to honor fallen first responders?
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Ten-year-old Zechariah Cartledge from Winter Springs, Florida, has been running one mile for each officer who was killed in the line of duty in 2018 and 2019.

Zechariah often runs with his father, Chad Cartledge, who proudly supports his son’s convictions.

“Our hope is simple,” Cartledge said. “That the more people who are aware of what he is doing will translate into a better understanding of WHAT is going on in our nation.

“Sometimes, it takes a 10-year old boy to deliver that message.”

Those participating in the #TBLpushupchallenge share common beliefs with Zechariah and his father — that those who have fallen deserve to be honored.

While 2019 is still getting started, the fewer pushups those left behind have to complete, and the fewer miles we have to run, the better.

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