Cops Finally Make Arrest in Murder of 3-Year-Old Mariah Woods


A nationwide search of missing 3-year-old Mariah Woods touched the hearts of many, especially those of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

In the dead of the night on Nov. 27, the child vanished from her home.

No one seemed to understand how the little girl managed to leave on her own. Mariah was not only young and innocent, but she was known to have an orthopedic disability.

As the search ensued, police questioned mom Kristy Woods and her live-in boyfriend, 32-year-old Adolphus Earl Kimrey II.

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Believing that Mariah was still in the local area, FBI came across what they believed to be the little girl in a Walmart surveillance video.

After being proved wrong, their next findings were utterly heartbreaking. A dive team discovered the toddler’s body a week later.

She was found Dec. 2 under the Holly Shelter Creek bridge. Cops finally made an arrest around the same time, holding Kimrey responsible for the crime.

According to The News & Observer, Kimrey was the one who filed the missing report. At the time, he told cops that he had sent Mariah back to bed after she had gotten up out of her sleep.

He then left the house for a while, leaving the door unlocked. However, police had reason to believe that Kimrey was involved once finding Mariah.

Initially, he was brought up on several charges, including concealing a death and second-degree burglary. He was also held on a $1 million bond.

But, on Monday, Jan. 24, an autopsy revealed Mariah died from chloroform toxicity, which has now added to Kimrey’s charges. He currently faces first-degree murder and felony child abuse charges.

While police believe they have found their guy, they’re not closing the case just yet. They plan to “continue until all leads and information is (sic) thoroughly evaluated.”

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No additional information about Kristy has been released, except one that questions her right to be a parent.

Mariah’s real father, Alex Woods, claimed in CPS documents that Kristy knew their daughter and two sons were being mistreated by Kimrey.

Additionally, both Kimrey and Kristy have had encounters with the police in the past. Believing that Kristy is an unfit parent, Alex is hoping to gain custody of their sons, who were temporarily placed in custody with the Department of Social Services.

Whatever the outcome may be for this family, we just hope that no other child loses their life. The life of little Mariah was taken far too soon, and we hope she gets the justice she deserves.

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