Cops Find Dog in Rubble of Burning Building. Body Cam Shows Moment They Saved His Life


Our furry friends are not immune to tragic events. They too come face-to-face with some horrific situations.

It’s good to know that some of our men and women in blue are passionate about saving all lives and not just human lives.

So, when I learned that cops from the Atlanta Police Department helped save an unresponsive dog earlier this month, it melted my heart.

On Jan. 7, officers responded to an emergency call involving a burning apartment building. Lying on the porch of that building was a dog they would later nickname “Smokey.”

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Officer Robert Winkler’s bodycam captured footage of him finding the dog in the rubble.

The footage then showed the moment the cops saved his life.

Smokey was carried away from the fire by Officer Austin Denninger. After laying him on the ground, they all “took turns giving the dog chest compressions.”

In a Facebook video posted by the department, Denniger said Smokey was barely breathing at first but eventually regained consciousness.

“So, when [Smokey] finally started to come too … it was pretty breathtaking, for me myself,” he said.

One of the officers compassionately wrapped Smokey in a coat. He then received oxygen to help with his breathing.

Soon after, Smokey was given to the Fulton Animal Services where he is now on the adoption list.

The Atlanta PD was happy to know their officers played a part in his rescue.

“We are so incredibly proud of the compassion and love our officers showed for this animal, thank you,” they wrote, according to WBRZ-TV.

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“We also thank the firefighters with Atlanta Fire Rescue and Grady’s emergency responders for helping save Smokey.”

“Smokey is doing well here and loves meeting new friends,” the animal service said recently on the department’s post. “He still waits for a home.”

Now with his second chance at life, this pup deserves a second chance at love. Please share this story in hopes that he’ll find a loving owner!

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