Cops Stop for Routine Welfare Check. They Didn't Know Child's Life Was in Danger Next Door


Some events that we experience seem to be nothing short of planned. It’s difficult to see things as coincidence when a need is met in a way we couldn’t have imagined and could never plan for.

James Holmes, a father in Glendale, Arizona, experienced this sort of unexpected, miraculous timing recently when his daughter somehow managed to start drowning in the pool.

Desperate for help, he ran to a neighbor’s house with his 2-year-old’s limp body. It just so happened that there was someone there who could help out.

Two police officers, Jacob Gonzales and Joe Procopio, were performing a routine welfare check and “just happened” to be in the area when Holmes needed help.

Gonzales got to work right away, and his body camera caught the whole thing. He set the little girl down right there on the cement walkway and in the evening gloom began to perform CPR.

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Little Diana was not meant to die that day, and after a few minutes of Gonzales working on her, she began breathing and started crying.

“She’s crying! She’s crying,” said someone in relief.

Diana was taken to a hospital to get completely checked out and to ensure that she was going to be okay — and she was.

When the family thanked Gonzales for his work and for saving their daughter, he brushed aside the praise.

“I think any trained officer would do the same things in my shoes that night,” he said, according to Inside Edition.

He also pointed out that there were other helpful people there who were ultimately involved, and that the fire department showed up to help save her, too.

Despite his adamant refusal to be called a hero or to consider his actions extraordinary, he’s certainly a hero to Diana and her family, and he has no say in the matter.

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“I know nowadays our law enforcement officers are getting a bad rap, and they don’t deserve it,” the grateful father said.

“They are heroes. They put their lives on the line every single day. And they’ll do whatever they can to save our lives. My daughter is here because of a law enforcement officer.”

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