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Cops Use Oatmeal Creme Pie To Catch Loose Chicken Found Running Through Traffic


Depending on where you live, spotting a chicken crossing the road may not be all that uncommon. In more rural areas, it’s the norm.

Chickens kind of just do their own thing, wandering around looking for the next best item to eat. They have excellent vision and can spot bugs in the dirt much better than humans can.

But what they lack is foresight and the ability to recognize when they’re in danger. One chicken found herself stationed next to a busy street on Feb. 7 in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s impossible to know exactly what this chicken’s story was before she was spotted and authorities were called in, but plenty of people have noticed her now and she has made quite the splash online.

Video shows officers attempting to apprehend the plucky fowl, but she outmaneuvers them easily and continues on her way, browsing as she goes. Since they’re right next to a busy street, the cops do their best to get her away from the cars so she doesn’t harm herself or cause an accident.

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Eventually, one of the cops realized the main motivator of all chickens was food, and he also realized that he had some food with him: a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie.

The best part? It worked. Beautifully.

“While the investigation into why the chicken crossed the road continues, there is no evidence of ‘fowl’ play after Ofcr. Frank Campbell used an @LittleDebbie oatmeal cream pie to coax a feathered friend who was blocking traffic on 11th Ave.,” the Metro Nashville PD tweeted. “Metro Animal Care is rehoming the bird!”

“Today Officers responded to 11th Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to a chicken obstructing traffic,” the department added on their Facebook page. “Officer Frank Campbell arrived on the scene and offered the ‘subject’ a Little Debbie oatmeal cream pie from his stash of snacks he carries in the trunk of his car.”

“Using the tasty treat to break the ice, Officer Campbell was able to safely remove him from the street.”

“After officers confirmed the chicken did not have an Uber account or other mode of transportation, Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control arrived on scene to provide transport to their facility, where they will assist the chicken in being re-homed to a more suitable residence. Thanks, team!”

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The bird was later referred to as a “hen,” but regardless of whether it was a hen or rooster, it certainly played chicken with the officers. The comments on the police department’s post are amusing, as well.

“Glad to know there was no fowl play ?,” Sarah Haney Huffman wrote.

“You could probably capture me with a Little Debbie snack too. ?” wrote Tonya Beck.

And, of course, someone had to point out the parallel we’ve all picked up on: “Everybody is forgetting to ask the long asked question so we can finally know the answer,” wrote Gail Ebrahimi.

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Obviously, we now know it’s to get a little Debbie snack cake ?”

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