Country Superstar Blake Shelton Writes Hit Song after Having a Dream from God


Country superstar Blake Shelton is always in the news for something. Be it his most recent album or the latest on his love life, it seems Americans just can’t get enough of the country songwriter and television personality.

You may know Blake Shelton for his television role on “The Voice.” You might be more familiar with his music, lyrics often laced with living the party animal life.

It’s been almost two years since Shelton released “Savior’s Shadow,” a song exposing the artist’s more spiritual side.

And the song is still resonating with listeners in a meaningful way, as they wrestle with their own spiritual journeys.

It was May 2015 when Shelton had a dream at his home in Oklahoma. He woke up knowing the lyrics from his dream were meant to be made into a song.

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Shelton was on the verge of a divorce with then-wife Miranda Lambert. He admitted his days were very dark at the time, and drew strength and even peace from the lyrics he believes God gave him.

In a press release, Shelton explained that he dreamed the first verse of the song and wrote it down immediately upon waking up. “Now, looking back, I know it was God’s way of telling me that he’s here and things are gonna be OK,” the singer stated.

I’m standing in my savior’s shadow/He is watching over me
I feel the rain/I hear the thunder/As He cries for me

Shelton explained that at first, he thought his life was “so sad and pitiful” that God felt sorry for him.

Then he realized a greater truth: that God was “on this journey with me and He’s walking with me.”

Shelton turned to trusted friends and songwriters Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall to help him finish the song. In May 2016, “Savior’s Shadow” was released on Shelton’s album “If I’m Honest.”

Shelton knew that listeners might criticize such a religious song, especially in light of Shelton’s party boy image. But Shelton didn’t care; he felt the song was meant to be included on the album.

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“I’m not trying to get a No. 1 song out of this,” Shelton told Billboard in 2016. “I just feel like it needs to be shared with everybody. I feel like people need to be aware of this song for whatever it might mean to them.”

Fast forward two years, and Shelton’s personal and professional life is enjoying a major upswing. He released his latest album, “Texoma Shore,” in November 2017 with his single, “I’ll Name the Dogs,” rising to number one on Billboard Country Airplay charts by the end of the year.

Shelton’s “Savior’s Shadow” seems to have helped the artist heal and move on during a time when he desperately needed to rely on God.

“I feel like that song helped save my life,” Shelton expressed.

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