Couple Collects 1200 Bottle Caps To Create One-of-a-Kind Bathroom Floor


Some people seem to be blessed with an ability to see the fantastic hidden in the mundane. Artistic minds are able to conceive of what something could be, instead of just what it looks like on the surface.

Not everyone is gifted in such a way, but for people who wish they were, there are places like Pinterest, Hometalk and Facebook where creative people often share their ideas for using everyday items.

Pennies, for example. We deal in change so rarely these days that people hardly know what to do with it anymore.

When was the last time you used a penny? Some industrious individuals have come up with a way to use the variation in pennies to come up with a lovely, mottled copper flooring.

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It’s certainly unique, and shouldn’t break the bank at $2.70 a square foot. And why stop at floors? With an epoxy coating, you can use them on a backsplash or on coasters or really anywhere you want an extra bit of shine.

There are other seemingly useless odds and ends that people have tried to come up with creative solutions for. Take wine bottles: When you’re done with them, what are you supposed to do with them?

Homemade tiki torches or oil lamps! It’s such a shame to see a perfectly good glass bottle go to waste otherwise.

There are people who’ve gotten creative with the corks, too. You’ve probably seen those shadow boxes with some cutesy, wine-related saying on the glass, where you drop the cork in every time you open a bottle of wine and start a cork collection.

But there are ways to use those corks rather other than framing them. Since they’re made of, well, cork, you can make a cork board out of them.

It might not be suitable for a classroom — especially if you line it with beer bottle caps — but there’s no reason it can’t be a productive way to reuse something that would otherwise get tossed out.

Thanks to a genius homeowner named Cristy Andre, you can add another idea to the list. But if you want to copy her, you’re going to have to collect 1200 bottle caps first.

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“I wanted something different and unique in my basement bathroom,” she wrote on Hometalk, a website for sharing decorating project ideas.

“I started saving caps through bars and friends and here are the results! The floor is thin set, caps, grout, and epoxy coating.”


The finished project is pretty interesting, and great for Andre’s basement bathroom. Some people have commented that this would also be perfect for a man cave or bar restroom.

You could always arrange them in patterns or by color, too, to create a different effect. What do you think about this project? Do you have any similar nifty uses for caps or bottles?

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