COVID Insanity: DC Mayor Bans Dancing at Indoor and Outdoor Weddings


Residents of Washington, D.C., will finally be permitted by their government to attend weddings with up to 250 people. Mayor Muriel Bowser has some new rules for them, however.

They cannot stand or dance — either indoors or out.

This isn’t an ’80s movie and, alas, Kevin Bacon will not come gliding over to rescue Washingtonians from the ceaseless emergency edicts of their inept government while Kenny Loggins cranks out the jams.

No, this is just another example of the unknowable depths of desire to control every waking action of Americans that Democratic lawmakers apparently harbor.

The new rules came on April 26 in an announcement by Bowser’s office, which argued that such arbitrary and senseless measures were necessary to safeguard residents from themselves.

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“Without continued extraordinary measures authorized under a state of emergency, as well as community compliance with preventative measures and widespread vaccination, the progress the District has made in protecting public health, safety, and welfare would be threatened,” the announcement read.

“Beginning May 1, multi-purpose facilities and venues may host events such as weddings and special non-recurring events provided that there may be no more than twenty five percent (25%) capacity in any room or up to two hundred fifty (250) persons, not including facility staff, whichever is fewer.”

“Attendees and guests must remain seated and socially distanced from each other or other household groups,” the order continued. “Standing and dancing receptions are not allowed.”

The idea that emergency powers dictated to a compliant populace are necessary to combat COVID-19 is, of course, utter gibberish.

Such an idea likely does serve to cover up Bowser’s immense failures as a leader, however, including the skyrocketing murder rate so common in Democrat-led cities over the last year.

“Homicides are up 41 PERCENT in Washington, D.C.,” Texas Republican Rep. Lance Gooden tweeted, “but thankfully Mayor Bowser banned dancing at weddings.”

Others called out the fact that Bowser’s latest act of autocracy was not in any way based on science or reflective of the COVID-19 landscape in D.C.

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“Washington DC has a 7-day average of deaths at zero and is averaging a mere 86 cases a day,” conservative journalist Jay Caruso wrote, “46% of people have received at least one dose of the vaccine and yet indoor dining is still restricted to 25% which includes wait staff and restaurant workers.”

Banning standing and dancing at weddings is not an effective COVID policy. It’s an act of COVID insanity.

Indeed, even as Bowser arbitrarily lords her emergency powers over a long-suffering populace, red states are open and free.

Neither Florida nor Texas has skyrocketing COVID cases and, yes, dancing is still a much-cherished tradition on your wedding day.

Meanwhile, blue areas such as D.C. remain locked down under extreme restrictions without any reason other than a mindless infatuation with totalitarian experimentation.

Is it any wonder that millions of Americans have fled blue states for red over the last decade? Is it any wonder that thinking Americans are increasingly coming to understand Democratic leaders as authoritarian rulers?

Americans don’t need to stop dancing to stop COVID, and they certainly don’t need to kowtow to Democratic authoritarianism on the happiest day of their life.

End the nonsense. Dance on your wedding day. Move to a red state.

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