Criminals Do $200,000 Damage to Veterans Memorial for Drug Money


In the face of trauma or tragedy, few things are more powerful than the sight of a community coming together.

We have all been touched by the sight of people coming together to build hope.

The downside, of course, is the initial trauma that can leave a community reeling for months or years. As much as we can all say we have seen a community come together in the wake of tragedy, we can also say we been in communities that have grieved for years.

This happened recently in Georgia at the Walk of Heroes War Veterans Memorial in Conyers, about 25 miles outside of Atlanta.

A memorial to 20th century war veterans was damaged.

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Three of the four criminals have been captured and portions of the memorial have been recovered. It is hoped the sculptor can use them to repair the damage.

And what reason did these four have to commit such a crime? Agree or disagree, we can all at least understand the passion that would fuel a political motivation.

No, these four were looking for scrap metal to sell for drug money. The impact is already being felt in the community.

“When I got to the site, I felt like I was coming to a funeral. It was just heart wrenching for me. It just was not pleasant to come out here that day.” Darin Riggs, a board member of the memorial, said.

The memorial has insurance but it was not clear how much, if any, of the memorial would be covered by it.

The memorial itself may look even more bare during restorations as the sculptor may take down the other three statues as well as part of the process.

According to Riggs, “He’s [going to] actually have to take the other three statues down and take them back to his studio to rebuild everything properly. So, at some point soon the whole statue’s going to be gone,” said Riggs.

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This is where you and I get to be the community. Help restore the memorial by donating to Walk of Heroes.

Ghandi said we had to be the change we wanted to see in the world. We also have to be the hope.

Help remember these fallen heroes and erect a statue that always asks that we remember and pledge ourselves to solutions other than war.

This is why we remember veterans — to thank them for their service and to ask the world that no person have to serve that way again.

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