Cry Me a River: Streisand Throws a Fit over Trump's GOP Tax Bill


Actor/singer Barbra Streisand just can’t handle the current political landscape.

She has repeatedly bewailed the fate of America under the supposed iron fist of a president elected by the American people, and because she’s just so mad about it she’s just got to make it everyone else’s problem.

In her newest attack, Streisand moaned on Twitter that the new tax plan wouldn’t favor the Hollywood elite, among other “victims.”

Take a look:

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Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, that Barbra Streisand was worth $370 million in 2016 according to Forbes.

This is not a woman who needs to be pinching those dollars, and do you know who else isn’t hurting for cash?

Athletes, actors, writers, producers, and directors — at least, not the kind Barbra Streisand associates with. They’re not being “punished” for anything, although quite a few should be by their fan bases for their boneheaded behavior.

Add to that the claim that the middle class is getting “bupkis,” which is patently false, and you have an idiotic tweet for the highlight reel.

Streisand lost her grip on reality some time ago, however.

On Dec. 29, she also said that she didn’t care whether or not President Donald Trump had colluded with Russia, she just wanted him gone becaue she thinks he’s stupid.

Man, she’d hate to know what millions of Americans think why she should get out of the public spotlight, then.

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She’s also made some pretty ludicrous personal claims, including one that Trump’s electoral victory had affected her diet.

In 2016 she said that she would move to Australia or Canada should President Trump win, and look where she remains.

Barbra Streisand, please leave.

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