Just in: 62 Percent of Americans Just Wrecked the NFL With Devastating News

To say that Americans are sick and tired of NFL players protesting the national anthem would be an understatement, and recent polling shows that the American people have made their position very clear on the issue.

Yahoo Finance reported on the results of its Survey Monkey poll that showed that 62 percent of Americans say they plan to watch fewer NFL games this season in response to national anthem protests.

The Yahoo Finance poll also found that 77 percent of respondents believe it’s wrong for athletes to take a knee during the national anthem. Twenty percent of said they don’t believe it’s wrong to kneel during the anthem, and 2 percent said they weren’t sure.

When asked how the anthem protests made them feel about President Donald Trump, 53 percent of respondents said they were “more supportive” of Trump. Twenty percent said they feel “less supportive” of Trump, and 27 percent said it hasn’t changed their view.

When asked to consider Trump’s comments criticizing players who disrespect our flag and whether they support the NFL, just 15 percent said they were “more supportive of the NFL.”

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An overwhelming 70 percent said they became less supportive of the NFL following Trump’s bold comments and seeing hundreds of players insult our flag and anthem.

Fifteen percent said their view toward the NFL hasn’t changed.

With more than 200 NFL players kneeling during “The Star-Spangled Banner” last Sunday in response to Trump’s comments, it has become unequivocally clear that many Americans aren’t going to support a league that appears to be endorsing the degradation of our national anthem.

A majority of Americans believe that players kneeling during national anthem is disrespectful to our nation’s flag and to all the brave men and women who died defending our freedoms.

We must never forget that these NFL players are getting paid millions of dollars, and several of these players are using their platforms to endorse practices that insult our nation. 

And if the NFL’s declining ratings have taught us anything, it’s that empowering those who insult our flag and national anthem is bad for business.

A majority of the American people stand together, unified in the belief that NFL players shouldn’t disrespect our flag or our anthem.

NFL executives and officials have received the message loud and clear from the American people.

H/T Yahoo Finance

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