BREAKING: Anti-Trump Rioters Block Road… Seconds Later, Trump Supporters Make EPIC Move

Far left activists have shut down a main highway leading to the Arizona campaign rally for Donald Trump today. This is insane!

These liberals have actually created a blockade to keep everyone from passing that section of the highway in hopes of shutting down the attendance of an Arizona Trump Rally happening today. These activists are angry and the situation is becoming volatile.

The highway is backed up for miles, keeping Trump supporters — and probably some trump protesters as well from attending the Fountain Hills rally today.

The blockade had already been going on for over an hour before police arrived.

Reports noted that protesters were unthinkingly chanting “Our Streets!” as they continued to keep cars from passing. (Apparently the conservatives who actually work and pay taxes to build and maintain those same streets have no ownership interest in them, at least in the minds of these folks.)

At least three activists intent on depriving other Americans of their free speech and free assembly rights have actually chained themselves to cars so that supporters could not pass and law enforcement officials would have a more difficult time towing them out of the way.

Meanwhile, The Arizona Democrat Party has been tweeting support for the illegal demonstration. Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has yet to comment on the situation — but you know it’s only a matter of time.

Trump supporters, however, have been making an epic stand against these thugs. They have begun to get out of their cars and confront these leftist crazies.

The police are starting to tow the cars of the protestors — and these guys are going to begin to feel the heat from their illegal actions.

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Like Donald Trump or hate him, things are never boring when he’s around.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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