VIDEO: Anti-Trump THUG Woman Uses Disgusting Body Fluid To Attack Trump Supporters

The mainstream media loves to depict supporters of Donald Trump as a crass and often vicious group while at the same time portraying the anti-Trump crowd as hip protesters justified in their indignation.

The truth is actually quite different. Several images and videos of anti-Trump forces becoming violent have been shared on social media revealing the true nature of many of these protesters.

The most recent clash between Trump supporters and protesters occurred in Los Angeles Wednesday outside a venue in Anaheim where a Trump rally was taking place.

Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce was at the event and posted images of the clash to social media. He caught several instances in which anti-Trump protesters were simply antagonizing Trump supporters and looking to make trouble.

One picture revealed Trump protesters throwing items at people from a parking garage while jeering at them.

Some protesters carried Mexican flags and flipped the middle finger to Trump supporters.

Pearce also caught some Trump protesters arguing with a local Trump supporter and even went into his yard briefly.

Then he caught on film the class act of a woman who decided one way to express her anti-Trump sentiments in a mature way was to spit on Trump supporters.

Talk about a class act.

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Trump protesters are not in any way the peaceful rebels the media wants us to think they are. They have burned American flags, attacked people, organized demonstrations on a large scale and revel in the chaos that ensues.

In the end, they are only demonstrating how ridiculous they are, because their demonstrations don’t do anything for the cause they’re trying to promote.

Anti-Trump antics will no doubt backfire on them as it seems the more they try to discredit Trump with their brand of protests, the more votes he manages to pick up.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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