Chelsea Asked About Weinstein Donations… Her Weird Response Speaks Volumes

Now that Harvey Weinstein has been safely scuttled away to “sex rehab” in Arizona (a locale where those seeking justice for his alleged crimes thankfully don’t have to worry about extradition laws), the focus has shifted somewhat to the multifarious politicians and liberal organizations that accepted money from the disgraced Hollywood mogul — and what they knew about his alleged peccadilloes.

One such organization, you probably won’t be surprised to learn, is the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation. The slush fund — I mean chartable organization — set up by the former president and his family took in between $100,000 and $250,000 from the Weinstein coffers.

We don’t necessarily know how much, due to the fact that the Clinton Foundation is notoriously opaque when it comes to donor transparency. That said, even the lower figure is a fair chunk of change, which makes one wonder whether the Clintons will be giving it back.

When a U.K. Daily Mail reporter decided to ask Chelsea Clinton about the return of the money, the former first daughter gave a very, sensible, well-considered reply: she ran.

The incident happened Saturday, as Chelsea was leaving a Clinton Global Initiative event at Northeastern University in Boston.

“Chelsea, will the foundation give back the donations from Harvey Weinstein?” a reporter asked Chelsea as she left a lunch event for the Initiative. “Do you plan to return the $100,000?”

Chelsea, who is a board member of the Clinton Foundation, decided that it behooved her to flee to the safe confines of her waiting car. That sounds a lot like a no to me.

That wasn’t the only time the Daily Mail had faced some obstruction from the fine folks at the Clinton Global Initiative. The previous night, Clinton Foundation officials stopped a reporter from the Mail — one of the U.K.’s largest newspapers, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it — from approaching Clinton to ask him questions.

It’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton has pledged that Harvey Weinstein’s donations to her failed 2016 presidential campaign — including $30,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund and $5,400 to Hillary for America — would be returned. That’s hardly a surprise, considering every Democrat Weinstein’s bequeathed money to has very conspicuously promised to return it or donate it to charity in some way, shape or form.

However, Weinstein’s donations to Hillary’s campaign is rather a pittance compared to the amount of money he gave the Clinton Foundation, and the Foundation has been conspicuously silent on whether or not they plan to return those funds. Chelsea’s “answer” Saturday afternoon definitely spoke volumes, meaning a safe default answer to that question would probably be “no.”

H/T Breitbart

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