CNN Openly Endorses Drug Use in New Year’s Celebration, They Are Finished

As millions of Americans celebrated New Year’s Eve on Sunday evening, viewers who tuned into CNN may have noticed that at least one of the network’s correspondents was in particularly “high” spirits as she made her reports.

CNN’s year-end celebration was hosted by Anderson Cooper, joined by new co-host Andy Cohen in place of the disgraced Kathy Griffin. The program featured reports from several different reporters covering celebrations in other parts of the country.

According to Mediaite, one such reporter was CNN correspondent Randi Kaye. Kaye seemed to enjoy her assignment covering a pot-smoking party in Denver, Colorado, where recreational use of the drug is legal.

Kaye, who sported large earrings shaped like marijuana leaves, is not believed to have partaken in the weed smoking herself. However, she most likely derived a “contact high” from the copious amounts of smoke billowing all around her as she made her live reports, which began with a ride on the “Cannabus” — a bus crowded with people ringing in the New Year the weed-smoking way.

At one point early in the festivities, Kaye modeled what appeared to be a gas mask attached to a bong, which she then passed off to a man standing behind her.

That man explained that the contraption was “packed” with marijuana and took a deep hit after Kaye herself lit the bowl for him. ?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&

Later in the evening, the “Cannabus” arrived at its destination — a “puff, pass and paint” party — and Kaye was spotted holding up a lit joint as she made her report.

She passed the joint off to somebody else, but almost as soon as she had let it go, another joint was placed in her hand.

Needless to say, fits of giggles came from Kaye as she inevitably got stoned from the voluminous amounts of marijuana smoke around her.

Take a look at Kaye in all her glory passing the joints around and showing off a man hitting a bong-like device known as “the incredible.”

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As stated — and regardless of anyone’s personal opinion on the matter — though recreational use of marijuana is legal at the state level in Colorado, the drug is still prohibited by federal law.

The fact that CNN chose to not only broadcast the use of an illicit drug, but seemed to openly endorse its usage, is something viewers will have to decide as acceptable or not — particularly those watching the New Year’s Eve celebration at home with their children.

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