Uh-Oh: Dems Can’t Call DACA Repeal Racist After Seeing Poll Numbers

In the wake of the Trump administration announcement that former President Barack Obama’s attempt at amnesty for illegal immigrants — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — would be ended in six months without Congressional intervention, the Democrat-aligned media predictably declared the move to be “racist” and just the last example of bigoted intolerance by President Donald Trump and his white supporters.

However, a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen (subscription required) revealed that the supposedly “racist” opposition to the DACA program may not be as racist as the liberal media narrative would have some Americans believe.

According to Breitbart, while the poll showed that Americans overall were slightly in favor of supporting the program — 48 percent supportive to 37 percent opposed, with 16 percent unsure — it was where the bulk of that opposition came from along racial lines that would seemingly undercut the prevailing liberal narrative.

Indeed, of the three largest racial groups that make up the American population, it was black Americans who opposed DACA by the greatest margin, with 42 percent in favor of ending the program while 47 percent were in favor of keeping it.

By way of comparison, 37 percent of white Americans and a mere 33 percent of Hispanic Americans opposed the continuation of the controversial amnesty program that allows some illegal immigrants brought to America as children to avoid being deported even after becoming full-grown adults.

While that outcome may be surprising to some, a blog post to Allen B. West‘s site, citing an academic research paper studying the economic impact of immigration on African-American men, revealed that in terms of wage growth and overall employment numbers, black American workers were the segment of the population hardest hit by competition from typically low-skilled immigrant workers entering the job market.

Ironically, this used to be common knowledge among Democrats and was frequently talked about by liberals little more than a decade ago, according to a rather lengthy but revealing article from the reliably liberal outlet The Atlantic.

For example, “In 2005, a left-leaning blogger wrote, ‘Illegal immigration wreaks havoc economically, socially, and culturally; makes a mockery of the rule of law; and is disgraceful just on basic fairness grounds alone.’ In 2006, a liberal columnist wrote that ‘immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants’ and that ‘the fiscal burden of low-wage immigrants is also pretty clear.’ His conclusion: ‘We’ll need to reduce the inflow of low-skill immigrants.'”

“That same year, a Democratic senator wrote, ‘When I see Mexican flags waved at pro-immigration demonstrations, I sometimes feel a flush of patriotic resentment. When I’m forced to use a translator to communicate with the guy fixing my car, I feel a certain frustration,'” the piece continued. “The blogger was Glenn Greenwald. The columnist was Paul Krugman. The senator was Barack Obama.”

Yet, even as liberals know deep down that illegal immigration hurts American workers, particularly those of a certain segment of the population Democrats claim to be looking out for, they now refuse to admit it as they have become bound by identity politics and their embrace of the Latino vote over that of black Americans.

If the views held by prominent liberals as recently as a decade ago weren’t considered racist then — and indeed are still held by a large percentage of black Americans today, who in the view of some liberals are incapable of being racist in any manner at all — then those views aren’t really racist at all, and the media will have a difficult time pressing that tired narrative any further along than they already have.

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