Feminists Worst Nightmare…Trump Delivers Devastating Blow to Obamacare

One of the parts of Obamacare most cheered by feminists and liberals has just received a serious blow from the Trump administration.

On Friday, the White House made a stunning announcement about the so-called “contraceptive mandate” found within the Affordable Care Act.

According to Fox News, the mandate requires all employers who offer health insurance to include contraceptive coverage — even if the business owners object to pharmaceutical contraception on a religious basis.

That coverage was required by law to include sometimes controversial drugs such as “Plan B” emergency contraceptives, which have come under scrutiny by many Catholic groups.

Churches and other places of worship were exempt from the contraceptive mandate, but most businesses were not. The requirement has come into question during prominent court cases, including a challenge from the Christian-owned Hobby Lobby store chain.

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Now, the Trump administration has announced that the exemption will apply to any “nonprofit group, non-publicly traded company, or higher education institution with religious or moral objections,” Fox explained.

In other words, a company like Hobby Lobby can now offer health insurance plans which don’t cover contraceptives and don’t violate their religious beliefs.

An individual is of course able to purchase insurance which does include the contraceptive coverage on the open market, or use a prescription drug plan to help defer costs.

“No American should be forced to violate his or her own conscience in order to abide by the laws and regulations governing our healthcare system,” explained Health and Human Services press secretary Caitlin Oakley. “Today’s actions affirm the Trump administration’s commitment to upholding the freedoms afforded All Americans under our Constitution.”

That agency also clarified that the changes most likely would only affect a small number of Americans.

“Of the 165 million women in the U.S., HHS estimates these rules affect at most 120,000, leaving more than 99.9 percent of women without any impact,” an HHS official told Fox News.

Unsurprisingly, left-leaning groups such as Planned Parenthood attacked the Trump administration over the change.

“This is an unacceptable attack on basic health care that the vast majority of women rely on,” Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards declared. “With this rule in place, any employer could decide that their employees no longer have health insurance coverage for birth control.”

There are a few glaring problems with the liberal arguments.

First, feminists make the condescending and ridiculous assumption that women are unable to handle their own contraception needs themselves.

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If you think about it, it’s rather ironic: The left insists that women are the most capable, tough, and competent people in the country, yet they somehow don’t think a woman can be trusted to deal with routine health decisions herself.

We are women, hear us roar — but first please force people to buy monthly supplies for us while violating their deeply-held religious beliefs.

The truth is that contraceptives are dramatically inexpensive. For instance, WalMart’s prescription program offers nine different oral contraceptives for the monthly cost of… $9.00. That’s thirty cents a day for birth control pills.

Meanwhile, condoms are usually available for free at health clinics or for less than a dollar each at any neighborhood pharmacy.

We’re supposed to believe that empowered women are so incompetent that they need other people — often men — to cover this for them? The whole premise is patronizing.

Second, the kerfuffle over contraceptives reveals one of the biggest flaws in Obamacare and the modern attitude to insurance in general. Health insurance was never intended to cover routine, repeating purchases like birth control.

Insurance is meant to protect an individual from catastrophic expenses that they can’t reasonably cover out of their own pocket.

The math of insurance is set up to say, basically, there’s a statistically good chance you won’t be hit by a car today. Probability is used to keep costs down, while you’re covered for unlikely but traumatic medical events.

Health insurance starts breaking as soon as it is applied to predictable, repeated expenses like a daily multivitamin or birth control pills. At that point, it stops being insurance and becomes an ongoing payment plan.

Imagine if we suddenly demanded that car insurance must pay for monthly expenses like gas and windshield wiper fluid. The premise stops making sense.

Many of the problems caused by Obamacare — including the religion-violating contraceptive mandate — can be avoided by being honest about what insurance is and isn’t.

We need to stop trying to have big-government bureaucracy manage every area of our lives… and that includes the personal contraceptive decisions made by Americans every day.

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