Young Freedom Lover Played Violin at Protests… His Fate Is Sickening

A young man who played his violin in the streets to protest the oppressive government of Venezuela has been arrested, and his future may now be uncertain.

Wuilly Arteaga, 23, became a symbol of freedom ever since he and his girlfriend confronted armed members of the Bolivarian National Police with nothing but their instruments late last month, according to a commentary piece published this week by The Daily Signal.

While the security forces sprayed protesters with tear gas, Arteaga and his girlfriend played the Venezuelan national anthem. In video of footage, Arteaga reportedly demanded that officers lay down their arms.

Arteaga’s protests were apparently too much of a threat as the government took him into custody on July 27, the Latin Times reported. The young man was detained at the National Guard headquarters in El Paraiso and was reportedly in need of medical assistance, the Latin Times reported, quoting Alfredo Romero head of the non-governmental organization the Penal Forum.

The Panama Post reported the Arteaga was granted bail, but it was more than he could afford.

When Arteaga’s mother, Evelyn de Arteaga, visited him, she said his face was disfigured, his clothes were bloodied and his hair was burned, WPLG in Miami reported.

In June, Venezuelan security forces fired pellets at Arteaga’s face during a protest. Arteaga posted a video of the aftermath of that encounter on Twitter, and it is not pretty.

In the video, Arteaga vowed not to give up the fight against the tyrannical government.

And now he is in custody — for what appears to be essentially playing the violin.

This is socialism — and its inevitable dictatorship — regardless of how liberals try to sugar-coat it.

Take a look at Arteaga and his playing in the streets while being harassed by armed government officials.

This moving video demonstrates the power of the people.

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American liberals have trouble admitting it, Venezuela has become a virtual hellhole for the citizens who live there. While the government’s reaction to Arteaga is sickening, it is what we would come to expect from a repressive socialist regime.

We hope that Arteaga is released soon, and that he recovers from his injuries.

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