Graphic: Leaked Bodycam Shows Why Cops Shot “Innocent” Man [Video]

Police officers never know when responding to a call could turn into a dramatic shootout and potentially wound or kill them, so they are trained to be extremely cautious and wary in the course of their duties.

Body camera footage from the Grand Rapids Police department from May 2017 of several police officers in a firefight has recently started circulating the internet again. The footage is a perfect illustration of the dangers police offers face on a daily basis.

The footage starts out with an officer, who is not named, having a friendly conversation with a man in the back seat of a car about how long it took him to grow his dreadlocks. The officer told the man in the car that they are looking for a man who looked just like him.

The video then cuts to footage from Officer Benjamin Hawkins’ body camera. Hawkins walks over to the car and asks the man in the back seat — the same one who had just been talking about his hair — to get out of the car.

He asks the suspect to put his hands on top of his head. Then all hell breaks loose. The man in the car quickly pulls out a gun, and you hear multiple shots being fired.

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WXMI reported that the suspect, identified as was Malik Carey, 18, fired at least four shots at the officers. Miraculously, none of the officers were struck.

The video then cuts to footage from officer David Lilly, showing the same situation just from a different vantage point. Either way you see it, it is terrifying to watch.

You can watch it here. WARNING: Content may be disturbing for some viewers.

One minute the police are having a nice conversation with a man, and then the next minute he was trying to kill all of them. It is horrifying to watch and gives you a very good idea of what police go through everyday.

M Live reported that when officers fired back, they struck the suspect in his left temple and his left arm but they still did not approach him.

Carey laid on the ground for almost 30 minutes before officers approached him because he kept moving. Carey later died, and it was determined that even if officers had gone over to him right away, he still would have died from his wounds.

The body camera footage here made it very easy to prove that Carey was armed and had fired at police, potentially preventing any violent riots in response to this shooting.

It is somewhat ironic that liberals insisted on body cameras to cut back on police brutality, but all they have done so far is show the danger police are in every day, and undercut liberal arguments that try to portray police shootings as unjustified.

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