WATCH: Herman Cain Goes on Fox, Hits Trump-Haters With 5 Words They Hate Most

Herman Cain, a 2012 presidential candidate and favorite among conservatives, has been quite vocal in his support of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, as well as his distaste for those who hate Trump simply because of what he says.

Cain appeared on the Kelly File on Friday, along with two “racial activists,” Ja’mal Green and Trahern Crews, who accused Trump of being racist.

Cain, who is an African-American, pushed back against those two, calling them part of the “political noise machine” and suggesting that they should go look up the definition of what a racist is.

He is not a racist,” Cain said. “They pick on the sound bites that some people are trying to project as the perception of Donald Trump, and it’s totally inaccurate and unfair.” (Quote starts about the 2:50 mark.)

Trump-haters have loved to take bits and pieces of what Trump says and use them to “prove” that Trump is racist, something that has angered Trump supporters immensely.

“Donald Trump does not satisfy the definition of a racist or any of these other things that they’re putting out there. They are in denial that Donald Trump is someone who will be forceful in doing the things that are right for all Americans,” said Cain.

Trump-haters do not like Herman Cain one bit. In their minds, an African-American should always be liberal, and Cain is very much a conservative, fighting back against the liberal narrative.

“The problem I have is misrepresenting what the man said for their objective, and their objective is destruction and intimidation. That’s their only cause,” said Cain, speaking of race-baiters.

Cain’s statements are sure to infuriate liberals who have based their entire narrative against Trump on saying that he is a racist who will destroy America.

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