Hunters Learn Painful Lesson After Kicking “Dead” Wolf

A video coming out of Kazakhstan is making waves over the internet after a “kill shot” wasn’t as fatal as some hunters originally thought.

In some amazing footage, hunters walked up to what they thought was a dead wolf.

The shot itself isn’t part of the video, but we can assume it was taken moments before the camera started recording.

Content Warning: The Video Could Be Graphic for Some

The wolf’s eyes appeared to be glazed over, and there blood around its neck.

It had to be dead, right? Not so much.

One hunter walked over to the the wolf and gave it a kick. It would be a decision that he would instantly regret.

The wolf jumped up, snapped at the hunter, and began to charge after him. Apparently the not-so-fortunate hunter’s buddies thought it was funny because laughter can be heard in the background.

After a heart-pounding few seconds, though, the animal succumbed to its wounds and eventually died.

It’s not clear from the video if the hunter received any major injuries due to the charging beast, but what is clear is that the hunters got a good kick out of it — no pun intended.

Of course, you can’t have a video like this without PETA-like enthusiasts chiming in. Comments from LiveLeak, where the video is hosted, say:

  • “Not so tough without your gun are you…”
  • “Pretty sure that wolf never had a gun”
  • “Idiots. Why did you kill [a] beautiful creature like this…”

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One commenter from Outdoor Hub even went so far as to say that it was inhumane to kick the animal, that the hunter should have just put it out its misery if it wasn’t clear the animal was dead.

But how are you supposed to determine if the animal was alive or not? It would have been quite a different video if the hunter would have stooped down to check on the wolf, rather than kicking it.

Still, whether you agree or not on the hunter’s actions, you can’t deny the fact that this wolf is an amazing and beautiful creature. At the very last moments of its life, the wolf had a shot of adrenaline kick in that was really amazing to watch.

Rest assured, though, the next time these guys go hunting, it’s a good bet they won’t be making the same mistake.

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