Pro-Illegal Alien “Mega March” Falls Short of Expected 100k Protesters

When protest marchers hit the streets of Dallas on Sunday, they expected to send a message with 100,000 people supporting liberal immigration policies and protesting deportation. They sent a message, all right — just not the one they intended, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Mega March organizers told the public and the media to expect 100,000 protesters, according to KTVT. Only 3,200 showed up, according to the Dallas Police Department. In an interesting liberal twist, the media reported that the number appeared higher, according to WFAA News.

With only 3 percent of the expected turnout, Sunday’s event made clear the effects of President Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on illegal immigration and his zero tolerance for illegals who commit crimes. Everyone’s jumpy, and that’s not a bad thing.

College student Gloria Rinconi was at the march but nervous, according to KXAS. She feared the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, which has temporarily protected her from deportation, will be taken away.

It could be Former President Barack Obama’s DACA act provides for renewable two-year stays from deportation and for work permit eligibility, allowing people who were brought here as children to stay, provided they behave themselves. Quite an incentive.

“We’re in a tense place we don’t know what to do. My scholarship depends on my DACA, and if DACA gets taken away we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere,” Rinconi said.

In other words, people with any brains at all don’t bite the hand that feeds them, and they don’t show up in public with signs that are tantamount to shouting “Hey! I’m here illegally! Deport me!!”

The last Mega March in 2006 had some 500,000 marchers in downtown Dallas. Trying to save face, community activist Rene Martinez said, “The numbers to us don’t really mean that much. They key is we had thousands of people show up on a Sunday. We had great speakers and we sent a message.”


Organizer Domingo Garcia planned a peaceful event without any flag-burning or displays of other countries’ flags.

“This is a march where we are asking everyone to only wear red, white and blue, for the American flag. To only bring American flags, because this is really about America’s values,” Garcia said.

No, it isn’t. America’s values involve obeying the law. We consider it to be a precursor to being a good citizen and one measure of worthiness for immigration.

To an undocumented immigrant, the many hurdles to gain legal status in the U.S. must seem like a fraternity hazing — unnecessarily harsh, deliberately abusive and purposely arduous. Since nearly everyone in the world wants to be here, including those who would do us harm, that’s no small coincidence.

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