James Woods Unleashes Truth Behind Science After Warren Starts Crying Climate Change

An attempt by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to call President Donald Trump out on his alleged ignorance of science failed badly this week when actor James Woods turned Warren’s words against her.

“I’m going to say something really crazy: I believe in science,” Warren wrote, responding to a tweet in which Trump rightly noted that the cold wave sweeping across America seems to contradict the left’s claims of ongoing “global warming.”

“Climate change is real and we have a moral obligation to protect this Earth for our children and grandchildren,” Warren added.


While many Twitter users responded to Warren’s tweet by noting that the so-called  “science” behind the left’s climate change theories remains murky and unproven, Woods instead pulled an epic jump shot, nailing the phony senator for something else entirely: namely, her lying.

“DNA is also based in science,” he wrote. “Yours does not show you are Native American. So either you are an outright liar or you actually don’t believe in science. Which is it, #Liewatha.”


His point was that for someone who falsely pretends to be a Native American, Warren has no room to talk about science.

Even The Atlantic, which tends to lean left, conceded in 2012 that Warren “is not a citizen of the Cherokee Nation,” “is not enrolled in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians,” “is not one of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee” and could not “become one, even if she wanted to.”

“(T)he progressive consumer advocate has been unable to point to evidence of Native heritage except for an unsubstantiated thirdhand report that she might be 1/32 Cherokee,” wrote Garance Franke-Ruta. “Even if it could be proven, it wouldn’t qualify her to be a member of a tribe.”

Moreover, when an actual Indian — an Indian from India — challenged Warren to follow his lead and take a DNA test to prove her heritage earlier this year, she declined:

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https://twitter.com/va_shiva/status/881457319871164416 ?lang=en

How is it she believes in science but doesn’t believe in DNA tests? Because, ladies and gents, she only believes in “science” that fits her desired narratives and political goals. In that regard, she’s like every other anti-science leftist.

Not only do leftists believe multiple genders exist, despite biological evidence to the contrary, but they also refuse to acknowledge any of the legitimate concerns that surround the left’s beloved climate change theories.

Some of these concerns were articulated by this Twitter user, who as of Saturday morning held the top-voted reply to Warren’s original tweet:

Warren never responded to his tweet just like she never responded to the actual Indian’s tweet — and just like she likely won’t ever respond to Woods’ tweets.

Lady, you don’t believe in science, because the truth is you don’t even know anything about it. You do definitely know everything there is to know about lying, though.

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