Kathy Griffin Comes Unhinged… Accuses 4-Star General John Kelly of Assault

Disgraced celebrity Kathy Griffin has just sunk to a new low. After her infamous photo shoot that depicted the severed head of President Donald Trump, it seemed impossible for the far-left “celebrity” to tarnish her reputation any further… but miraculously, she found a way.

In an angry tweet posted in the early morning hours on Thursday, the D-list actress accused widely-respected, retired, four-star General John Kelly of beating his wife. Yes, really.

“Somebody might want to check how much under eye concealer make up John Kelly’s wife wears,” declared Griffin’s vile message. “She will defend him to the death. Do not blame her.” https://twitter.com/kathygriffin/status/961548644645158912 ?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

That message was posted as a response to another Twitter user — who no doubt has never worn the uniform — claiming that members of the U.S. military tolerate the “violent abuse of women,” and grouping current White House Chief of Staff Kelly in with wife-beaters. Classy.

The drama started when White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned after two ex-wives accused him of abuse that allegedly took place years ago.

According to BizPac Review, Porter called the accusations “simply false” and part of a “coordinated smear campaign,” but also stepped down from his position so that the scandal did not impact the rest of the White House.

Liberals seem desperate to tie Kelly, who commanded U.S. Southern Command before being named the White House chief, to an unproven allegation against someone who happens to be on his staff.

This is a bit like noting that a person was being accused of drunk driving, and then publicly calling that person’s boss a raving alcoholic as a result.

After Kathy Griffin’s bitter tweet received attention, other social media users called her out for the vile stance.

“A truly terrible thing to say or imply to anyone let alone John Kelly. Obviously you don’t learn from your mistakes. Your career is suffering and you are decreasing with each tweet, your reputation and your employability,” responded one person.

“Not funny to make up what looks like claim of wife battery when there is no evidence to support .. It diminishes people taking real cases seriously,” stated a user.

“You just accused someone of domestic abuse based on his association with someone else and nothing more. You are a horrible person,” another scolded.

Of course, it isn’t the first time that the ugly side of Griffin has been on display. She essentially committed career suicide back in May 2017.

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The “comedian” posed with a fake head of Donald Trump that appeared to be covered in blood, seeming to make light of terrorist beheadings and suggesting violence against the sitting American president.

Backlash against that crass choice was swift. Even liberals including Anderson Cooper quickly disowned Griffin, and she was fired from her New Year’s Eve hosting gig on CNN.

One of the consequences of stooping so low is that Kathy Griffin doesn’t have much to lose. She now seems to be trying anything in order to get attention, and doesn’t care who she insults in the process.

Griffin apparently hasn’t received the message that America is done with her. She squandered her “fame” for a cheap publicity stunt, and apparently never learned how to stop digging.

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