Liberal Media Won’t Report Who’s Really Behind Militant Antifa Group

For the past few months, America has seen violent Antifa groups cause riots in major cities as they face off with alt-right groups in a series of protests that almost always escalate out of control.

The liberal media has been slow to call out the Antifa for their violent, criminal, tactics. What is perhaps more disturbing than the Antifa’s violent tactics is who is behind them. One violent group in particular is being led by a middle school teacher, The Daily Caller reported.

Yvonne Capistrano Felarca is a Berkeley middle school teacher, and she is also one of the leaders of By Any Means Necessary, a group that thinks that violence is the best way to silence those that they disagree with.

You read that right. A person who is tasked with teaching the next generation of Americans is a leader of a violent domestic terror group. She is actually facing charges for inciting a riot, the East Bay Times reported.

Felarca is facing charges stemming from a June 2016 violent riot in Berkeley that resulted in several serious injuries.

BerkeleySide reported that the Berkeley School District has been disciplining Felarca since at least 2009 for her attempts to involve her students in political demonstrations. Despite her extensive record of breaking the rules, Felarca has yet to be fired — though she was briefly suspended in 2016.

This isn’t an isolated incident of a teacher leading a violent group. High school teacher Nicole Conaway is another organizer for BAMN.

In fact, Conaway was arrested in 2016 while leading students in a walkout over the condition of the school, The Detroit News reported.

This sort of stuff should be causing a national outrage, but the liberal media barely covers it. They are so eager to demonize the right that they will ignore the truly outrageous actions being taken by liberals.

Yes, teachers are allowed to have lives and political opinions outside of school. However, if a teacher is (proudly) advocating violence against those they disagree with, that teacher has no business shaping the next generation of American minds.

We shouldn’t be allowing militant liberals to try to brainwash children into thinking that violence is always an acceptable option whenever someone says something you don’t like.

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