Watch Thomas Sowell SHUT DOWN White Liberal Prof Who Tells Him What to Think

The notable black conservative economist and author Thomas Sowell recently announced his retirement from the political punditry profession, and it has given plenty of people a great excuse to go back and check out some of the great things he has said over the years.

In 1980, Sowell took part in the 10-part network series “Free to Choose,” hosted by libertarian economist Milton Friedman, which included a sort of “roundtable” discussion sans table, during which pundits of differing ideological views would discuss the pertinent economic and sociological issues of the day.

In part five of the series, Sowell was seated next to white leftist professor Frances Fox Piven, noted for her Marxist “Cloward-Piven strategy” to overload the welfare system as a means to bring down American capitalism, and as you can probably guess, the discussion got pretty heated when the topic turned to racial equality.

Speaking of the differences between “equality of opportunity” versus “equality of results,” Piven declared that black Americans have expressed their desire for the latter, but was quickly cut off by an interrupting Sowell.

“No they didn’t, you expressed it, dammit, look, they did not, they did not,” protested Sowell to great laughter from the crowd and other discussion participants.

Piven continued to speak as Sowell dismissed her remarks with a wave of his hand, saying, “You want me to answer or do you want to keep going?”

“Black people have never supported, for example, affirmative action, quotas, anything of that sort,” he said. “Wherever polls have been taken of black opinion on such matters as should black people be paid equally, or should there be this or that, black people have never taken a position that you describe.”

“So it is not a question of what black people chose, it’s what you choose to put in the mouths of black people, it’s what you choose to project,” he continued. “It is not what any black people have said anywhere that you can put your finger on.”

Piven interjected that it was instead Sowell who was putting words into the mouth of pollsters, to which Sowell replied to great laughter, “Like most people, I have never seen a pollster.”

You can watch that segment and the remainder of the episode right here:

We here at Conservative Tribune maintain the utmost respect for Thomas Sowell and hold his educated and insightful opinions in high regard.

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His input on the matters affecting Americans of all races and ethnicity will be sorely missed, which is why videos like this one must continue to be watched and shared with others.

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