Libs Want These Pictures of Socialist-Led, Starving Venezuelans Buried

Life in socialist Venezuela, where the Bernie Sanders-esque policies of current and former leaders have devastated the economy, continues to deteriorate by the day, with teen girls as young as 12, 13 and 14 now prostituting themselves just to raise enough money to eat.

One such girl, 14-year-old Adriana Velásquez, recently described to reporters the horrifying sensation she felt when she realized she needed to sign up as a prostitute if she wanted to continue living.

“It was really hard, but we were going to bed without eating,” she told The Guardian, referencing herself, her mother and a new baby brother. Sadly, the money she earns just barely covers the food necessary to feed them.

Young Adriana and her family are by no means alone. The Guardian noted that “three-quarters of Venezuelans have lost weight over the past year,” and “10 million people skip at least one meal a day, often to help feed their children.”

It’s hell on Earth in Venezuela right now, and judging by recent political events in the socialized regime, things aren’t likely to get better anytime soon.

Below is a photo of a Venezuelan woman digging through trash for food, from the U.K. Daily Mail:

“It’s sad because you stop thinking of what your professional goals and challenges are and instead just focus on what you can eat,” David González, a college-educated Venezuelan man who had previously dreamed of one day becoming a part of the nation’s middle class, told The Guardian.

A video below from the U.K. Daily Mail shows more Venezuelans like the woman pictured above digging through trash for food:

What more evidence could possibly be needed to prove that socialism never works?

Plenty, it appears …

A poll conducted earlier this year by the American Culture & Faith Institute found that a stunning “four out of every ten adults say they prefer socialism to capitalism.”

And when documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz recently hit the streets to ask millennials about their thoughts on Venezuela, he discovered that many of them would prefer the nation’s allegedly fair and compassionate food lines to the purportedly cruel and unjust capitalism of the United States:

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Apparently, this is what young millennials want for America:

Sigh …


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