SICK: 6 Times Men Threatened Women And Children In The Bathroom… Obama Doesn’t Care

Former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, congressional Democrats and other liberals in America want men who think they are women to be able to walk right into a bathroom next to your daughter and have no one question their motives under the guise of transgender “equality.” And while the Trump administration and a Republican congressional majority now stands in their way, that still may not be enough.

These liberal politicians refuse to accept that they are putting America’s children in danger, but The Daily Signal compiled a list of six times when men dressed as women in order to go into the women’s bathroom and assault whoever was in there.

Richard Rendler was arrested in 2009 for hanging around in a women’s restroom. Render was wearing fake breasts and a wig in a Campbell, California, shopping center. This wasn’t his first brush with the law — Render had previously been charged with child molestation and indecent exposure.

Gregorio Hernandez was arrested in 2010 after he dressed up as a woman on at least two different occasions in order to infiltrate a UC Berkley locker room. Hernandez did not physically assault anyone in the locker room, but he did use his cellphone to photograph women.

Jason Pomare was arrested in 2013 for videotaping women in a Macy’s department store bathroom in Palmdale, California. Pomare gained access to the bathroom by dressing as a woman.

In 2014, Christopher Hambrook was arrested and thrown in jail in Toronto, Canada. Hambrook had been faking being transgender (he even went by the name “Jessica”) and used his disguise to prey on women in shelters. Hambrook’s victims included a girl as young as five and a woman as old as 53.

Not all these perverts are caught, as was illustrated in 2015 in Virginia when police responded to two spying instances at a Walmart and a mall. A man dressed as a woman was using the mirror in the bathroom to take photos of a woman and her children, as well as a 53-year-old woman. The man was never caught.

In a disturbing glimpse of the future to come, a man in 2016 refused to leave the women’s locker room in Washington state after he started to undress in front of the young girls inside. The man stated that “the law has changed and I have a right to be here,” referencing a Washington state law that allows people to use the bathroom of the gender they claim to identify with.

There are undoubtedly hundreds, perhaps thousands, more cases out there. If all this has happened before transgender bathroom laws are changed nationwide, imagine what will happen if the left gets its way.

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