Look: Nancy Pelosi Thinks This Luxury Item Is a Basic Need

There was a brief outage on Wednesday for some users of certain social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that prevented some users around the globe from accessing their accounts, with some granted only limited access.

“Earlier today, a networking issue caused some people to have trouble accessing Facebook services,” stated a company representative, according to C|Net. “We quickly investigated and started restoring access within about an hour, and we have nearly fixed the issue for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

But like any good Democrat that is incapable of allowing a crisis to go to waste, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter to immediately politicize the temporary anomaly with the network in order to press the liberal agenda of “Free Everything for Everyone!”

Pelosi tweeted, “Is #FacebookDown for you? For far too many Americans, not having access to high-speed internet means it might as well always be.”

Attached to her post was a picture bearing the Dems’ lame new slogan, “A Better Deal.” The photo declared, “It’s time to make sure all families have access to high-speed internet.”

Except that the the brief service outage had literally nothing to do with high-speed internet or people’s lack of access to what is in essence a luxury, certainly not something anybody could demand as a “right” that should be provided via taxpayers.

The tweet-trackers at Twitchy reported that a number of conservative and independent social media users were quick to call Pelosi out over her non-sequitur linkage of the outage with a lack of access to high-speed internet, and some of the responses were pure gold.

One man sarcastically agreed with Pelosi that providing high-speed internet to all was a good idea, and offered up his solution for how to fund such an endeavor.

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Anther user simply let Pelosi know in no uncertain terms that he had heard enough from her.

Just a reminder folks, high-speed internet — really even any internet access at all — is not a basic and fundamental human right that should be provided by the government, i.e., the taxpayers, no matter how much Democrats whine about it.

You want or “need” fast internet access? Pay for it yourself, because nobody is going to just give it to you for free.

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