New Poll Reveals Republican Voters Much More Aligned With Trump Than GOP Senators

A poll published this week revealed a majority of Republican voters support President Donald Trump far more than they back the party’s Senate leadership.

Conducted by Rasmussen Reports, the poll specifically found a stunning 57 percent of likely GOP voters believe “the Republican Party should be more like the president,” versus the other way around.

A much smaller 33 percent minority of likely GOP voters feel the party should be more like Senate Republicans.

It’s evident from this poll that most of the Republican base respects Trump more than his party members in Congress, who have failed spectacularly to push through any meaningful legislation this year, despite running both houses of the legislative branch.

Even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, has mocked congressional Republicans for their endless failures.

“Even though they had the (presidential) signature and two majorities, we ate their lunch,” she boasted in an interview Sunday published Sunday by The Washington Post, taking aim at the GOP’s humiliating inability to accomplish anything meaningful. “That’s what we do.”

To be clear, the GOP base’s overarching support for Trump over Congress doesn’t mean Republican voters want the president to dismiss House and Senate Republicans altogether.

“48% of GOP voters think it is more important for Trump to keep other elected Republicans on his side than for him to pursue his own agenda,” Rasmussen Reports noted.

A 42 percent minority feel “it’s more important for the president to go his own way rather than worry about party unity.”

So even though a majority of Republican voters appear to respect the president more than they respect congressional Republicans, they still expect the president to work with congressional Republicans.

This might sound strange, but it actually makes perfect sense. Trump going his own way and pursuing “his own agenda” would mean forging an alliance with congressional Democrats, which would be a big no-no.

As annoying and petulant as congressional Republicans can be, at least their long-term goals align with those of the president and, more importantly, the president’s base of support.

For the most part — and not including flip-floppers like Sen. John McCain — they want to secure the border, repeal Obamacare and cut taxes, among other things.

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Democrats, on the other hand, seek the exact opposite. Besides desiring to raise taxes on the so-called “wealthy,” — who already most of the taxes — Democrats hope to cement Obamacare in place, weaken immigration laws and move the country further and further to the radical, “progressive” left.

The president’s best bet, therefore, is to keep trying to “Make America Great Again,” while also trying to foster constructive relationships with congressional Republicans, no matter how unreliable some of them happen to be.

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