Parents Furious After Political Correctness Shuts Down NY Father-Daughter Dance

Political correctness has been unbelievably detrimental to American culture. In the name of a (non-existent) “right to not be offended,” anything that could be perceived as offensive is thrown by the wayside.

Now, even something as innocuous as a father-daughter dance has come under attack by the PC police.

According to CBS New York, an elementary school in Staten Island, New York has canceled the school’s annual father-daughter dance, claiming it could be “triggering” to some students.

“Officials opted to postpone the father-daughter dance at a school in Staten Island because it excludes other genders, claiming city policies forced them to scrap the tradition,” CBS reported.

According to Fox News, the school’s announcement followed new gender rules from the Department of Education.

“Father-daughter dances inherently leave people out. Not just because of transgender status, just life in general,” the DOE’s LGBT community liaison, Jared Fox said. “These can be really uncomfortable and triggering events.”

Just to be clear, yes, a father-daughter dance “leaves people out.” A father-daughter dance, by nature, celebrates fathers and daughters — not everyone on the planet.

Should we stop throwing birthday parties because we’re only celebrating one person, not everyone at the party? Pure foolishness.

Besides, with the breakdown of the family, and the widespread absence of fathers in the United States, father-daughter dances are something that should be encouraged. Instead, social justice warriors seem hell-bent on destroying traditional family values.

The dance was supposed to be held right before Valentine’s Day. Now, another dance has been scheduled “for kids and caregivers of any gender,” according to the Department of Education.

Parents and students in New York are furious over the decision.

“It’s kind of a let down. At least I could still spend time with my dad,” said Angelina Lubo, a 5th grader at the school.

She’s absolutely right. The school dance was about providing a special time for fathers and daughters. Unfortunately for Angelina and dozens of other young girls, the leftist PC culture couldn’t care less.

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One grandparent told the news, “It’s supposed to be father and daughter. Father and daughter need to have a relationship, you know, feel good.”

“You have to see my daughter’s face every time we walk in. For us dads that we have the time, I actually make the time for it because we work at night. It’s a pleasure,” said one father, Gregorio Rosario.

One commenter on Facebook summed it up well: “One of the things that democrats hate is family. This is part of them trying to kill the family. I didn’t have a father growing up and yes it hurt a lot. But why should father-daughter dances be done away with because of that? It still wont change the fact that I didn’t have a father and it won’t erase those feelings I had as a child.”

She’s exactly right. The progressive left is systematically tearing down the family structure and it must be stopped.

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