Pelosi Humiliated as Camera Captures Own Party’s Response to Absurd Speech

It’s bad enough when the men and women of the Democrat Party decide to stay in their seats, playing iPhone games and being distracted when the president gives his State of the Union.

When the same reaction happens when Nancy Pelosi is giving a speech on Dreamers, however, you have to wonder just what the heck is up.

Yes, we’ve known Nancy Pelosi’s speeches have gone from slightly ridiculous to completely outré lately, and we’ve had a bunch of fun with them. They’re pretty much laughable, after all. (Not too much fun, however; we wouldn’t want Chris Matthews to accuse us of “(p)icking on somebody from one of the coasts, usually ethnic, and making them the poster person of the Democratic Party,” which he says “is old business for the Republicans.” So let’s just be clear: we refuse to make fun of rich, powerful, very white Democrats whose ancestors may have come from Italy at some point.)

I guess if you’re counting on Minority Leader Pelosi to lead the Democrats back to the promised land in the lower chamber this November, however, her ramblings are a bit less farcical.

In fact, they can be downright sleep inducing.

If you don’t believe us, check out this clip from Wednesday’s debate over immigration policy in the House. The topic was, of course, the “Dreamers.”

It was apt, considering that Rep. Pelosi’s rhetoric was downright dream inducing.

The speech itself, delivered in a kind of let-me-talk-down-to-you cadence, also had the peculiar effect of someone who maybe switched out their glucosamine supplement with a Lunesta.

As Pelosi ran through an absurd litany of stories involving the “Dreamers” who were going to possibly be deported if the GOP didn’t sign on to their vision of a compromise — which, if the McCain-Coons bipartisan “compromise” in the Senate is an indication, involves the Republicans signing on to pretty much everything the Democrats want and the Democrats agreeing not to call the Republicans racists for at least a few weeks, provided they feel like it — Democrat Rep. Doris Matsui of California decided she’d had enough.

So, check out what happens starting at about 1:21. It’s humiliating, it’s hilarious, and it’s the most fun you’ll see on C-SPAN provided you’re not watching “Washington Journal” when a caller who’s been drunk since 9 p.m. the previous evening tries to explain the two-state solution:

I’m sure you weren’t the only one nodding off, Rep. Matsui. In fact, I can’t accurately tell because of the fact that the chyron was in the way, but it looks like the woman to the left of Pelosi was playing with her phone at the beginning of the clip.

When this sort of behavior takes place during a speech by President Trump, it’s disrespectful. If it takes place during a speech by someone these individuals ostensibly support, that’s another thing entirely.

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Nancy Pelosi has frequently fended off questions about whether she can lead the Democrats to victory in this year’s midterms. Longtime Democrats have complained that her relative liberalism and West Coast values make it difficult to make inroads in what some like to call the “flyover states.”

Pelosi says that she’s “worth the trouble.” I don’t think I can conduct a cost-benefit analysis of that statement in a short article like this. However, let me just leave this one fact out there for summary judgement on the matter: During the debate over what could be the defining issue of the 2018 midterm elections, the leader of the House Democrats put one of her own caucus to sleep during her speech.

Good luck in November, Dems. If this speech is any indication, you’re going to get humiliated in the same way Nancy Pelosi did on live TV.

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