Pelosi Forced To Eat Her Words After Mother Tells Tale of Her Son Brutally Murdered by Illegal Aliens

Just when you think House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s liberal claptrap can’t get any more horrifying, here comes a new tale.

Pelosi may be the standard-bearer for millions of liberal snowflakes, but she is no match for a grieving mother on a mission, according to The Daily Caller.

On Tuesday night’s CNN Town Hall program, Pelosi was confronted by the the gritty reality of illegal immigration, and her ice-cold response was stunning.

Laura Wilkerson’s son Josh was brutally murdered by an illegal alien, and she is not standing silently by while liberals tout their bleeding-heart immigration policies. Here’s the video. Mrs. Wilkerson appears at 7:04.

Mrs. Wilkerson first told Pelosi, “You’re not only choosing to disavow the law, you’re adding sanctuary to people who come there and disavow the law.”

After Mrs. Wilkerson shared the story of her son Josh being tortured, beaten, tied up and set on fire, she drove her point home, asking Pelosi which of her own children or grandchildren was “expendable in order for some foreign person to come here and have a nicer life.”

“I am not a one-story mother,” said Wilkerson. “This happens every day.”

Pelosi said, “We all pray that none of us has to experience what you’ve experienced.” Then she had the nerve to continue by saying, “I do want to say to you that in our sanctuary cities, our people are not disobeying the law.”

Wilkerson asked, “Will my son’s killer get sanctuary in your city once he is let out of jail?”

Pelosi’s absolutely astounding response:

“Was your son a victim of someone in a sanctuary city?” As if that mattered.

Pelosi’s solution was to say, “I’ll pray for you.” Seriously? I’m all for prayer, but, to paraphrase Frederick Douglass, sometimes we need to “put legs on our prayers.”

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Only action will fix this problem — not soon enough for the Wilkerson family, but soon enough to bring justice and some solace to brave and steadfast people who have had to put up with nonsensical leftist immigration policies.

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