As Her Mental Issues Increase, Pelosi Gets Shock News from Dem Leader

A senior House Democrat issued a shocking statement this week about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, saying in no uncertain terms the longtime party leader should resign and allow someone from the “next generation” to take over.

Given Pelosi’s recent hash of misstatements and gaffes, it seems fair to presume this statement was motivated in part by her declining mental health.

“I do think we have this real breadth and depth of talent within our caucus, and I do think it’s time to pass a torch to a new generation of leaders and I want to be a part of that transition,” California Rep. Linda Sánchez, the vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said during an appearance Thursday on C-SPAN.

“I want to see that happen,” she added. “I think we have too many great members here that don’t always get the opportunities that they should. I would like to see that change.”

Sanchez made these stunning remarks after being asked by interviewers from The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times about who should lead the party if it somehow retakes the House in the 2018 election.

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Sánchez’s recommendation about her fellow Californian made perfect sense. To be quite blunt, Pelosi is a 77-year-old woman with a very tenuous grip on reality.

During a news briefing four months ago, for example, Pelosi repeatedly forgot the time of day and suffered a couple brain freezes in the span of minutes:

Over the past few months she’s also referred to President Donald Trump as “President Bush,” forgotten the Democrat Party’s own slogan and suffered more brain freezes than someone eating ice cream.

Despite this, the chances of her actually stepping down remain awfully slim, as evidenced by how her sycophants chose to respond to Sánchez’s plea.

“I’ve heard that argument used so many times before, and I think it really reflects the sexism that still exists in politics today,” said Rep. Joe Crowley, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, during an appearance on MSNBC later Thursday afternoon, according to Mediaite.

“I think Nancy Pelosi’s held to a different standard than others are,” he added. “The vilification of her in a very sexist way, quite frankly, is what’s led to this discussion.”

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, a male Democrat accused female Democrat of being a sexist for merely speaking truth to power about her belief Pelosi should make way for the “next generation.”

That’s how ridiculously entrenched in the Democrat Party this batty old woman has become. It’s sad to say for the Democrat Party, but the truth, is Pelosi probably isn’t going anywhere, for better or — more likely — worse.

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