“Pocahontas” Actress Slams Trump, Then Pocahontas’ Real Descendant Steps up

During a recent interview, the actress who voiced the lead character in the animated 1995 film “Pocahontas” claimed the real Pocahontas, a Native American woman who became a legend after saving the life of a captive Englishman in 1607, would have disliked President Donald Trump.

“Do I think Pocahontas would be a fan of Trump?” actress Irene Bedard asked Sky News rhetorically during her interview. “Oh no! No.”

Oh really?

It turns out Sky News also interviewed Debbie “White Dove” Porreco, a Native American who just happens to be a decedent of the real Pocahontas, as noted in a profile of her published a couple years back by the Palm Beach Daily News.

“If Pocahontas were alive today, she’d be very proud of Trump,” she told Sky News.

“I’m a supporter of Donald Trump because he’s a go-getter,” she added. “He sees what he needs to do and does it.”

Watch side-by-side interviews of these two women below:

What a stunning contrast. Not shockingly, the disagreements between these two women — one a real Native American, and the other a Hollywood actress and elitist hack who only plays a Native American in film — didn’t stop there.

“I know that he uses Pocahontas sometimes with Elizabeth Warren,” Porreco said, referencing the president’s nickname for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who to this day continues to pretend to be a Native American. “He said, ‘Well does that offend you when I use that?’ And I told him no, it doesn’t offend me.”

Bedard disagreed, arguing the president’s nickname for Warren counts as “misogyny and bullying and name-calling.”

Likewise, whereas Bedard stated only Native Americans reserve the right to speak out against illegal immigration, Porreco made it clear she believes this right belongs to every American citizen.

“I agree totally with him,” she said, alluding to the president’s tough stance on illegal immigration. “You know, you get the ones out that are committing crimes.”

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What an intelligent and reasonable woman. I wish I could say the same about Bedard, but she clearly has no clue what she’s talking about.

Porreco, on the other hand, understands the truth loud and clear.

“Just like Pocahontas was a heroine, President Trump is gonna be our hero,” she concluded.

True that.

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