Rap Star Sounds off on LV Massacre, Leaves Libs Outraged

After being asked by reporters for his opinion on the Las Vegas massacre, one unlikely celebrity just destroyed a key leftist talking point and delivered a powerful response in favor of the second amendment.

Hip hop musician T.I. told TMZ on Wednesday night that he believes “as long as the criminals have” assault rifles, he thinks “citizens should” also be able to have them in order to protect themselves.

His comments were in response to being asked if he thought gun laws in America should be altered following the Las Vegas massacre that resulted in 59 reported deaths and more than 520 injuries.

T.I. destroyed the latest liberal talking point: taking away guns — thereby infringing on American’s second amendment rights — will result in fewer mass shootings.

This is a fallacy and a very illogical argument from Democrats, yet they continue to try and convince Americans that trampling on their Second Amendment rights is the only solution to reducing mass shootings.

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According to the Center for Disease Control, gun ownership has continuously increased between 1993 and 2013 while gun homicides rates have decreased.

“I mean, to me, as long as the criminals have them, I think citizens should be able to have them,” T.I. said, adding that he believes there should be some form of mental screenings for those who are purchasing a firearm.

“I think there should be mental evaluations,” T.I. said. “The same for people who running for president, by the way.”

Despite taking an obvious shot at President Donald Trump with his last comment, T.I. actually has an intelligent take on guns in America and understands how dangerous it is to disarm people from being able to defend themselves against criminals.

As pointed out by the Daily Caller, T.I. is a convicted felon and thus cannot legally own guns himself, but he still believes people have a right to defend themselves against criminals like the Las Vegas shooter.

With mainstream media outlets ramping up the liberal talking points against Americans exercising their constitutional rights to legally purchase firearms, why are Democrats not admitting that the killer purchased the weapons he used during the shooting legally?

If the shooter’s semi-automatic rifles were illegally modified, that means those weapons were already in violation of federal law. Sadly, no new or existing law would have changed that.

T.I. may not like Trump, but at least he’s able to admit that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens only makes them more vulnerable, not safer.

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More importantly, it’s nice to know that some Hollywood stars aren’t completely out of touch with reality.

With Hollywood elitists like Jimmy Kimmel and Lena Dunham blaming Republicans for the Las Vegas massacre, they all continue to fail miserably with understanding exactly what the Constitution says, not to mention basic facts about firearms.

T.I.’s pro-gun stance has liberals triggered and conservatives cheering!

H/T Daily Caller

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