Satellites Reveal HUGE Difference Between Walmart And Target After Transgender Bathroom Rules

Over a million shoppers have signed a petition vowing to boycott Target following the company’s decision to let anyone who identifies with a certain gender use the bathroom of his choice.

This policy was widely publicized and angered many customers who felt the company was, in essence, allowing child predators easy access to their children.

It seems that those threats to boycott Target have paid off, according to an analysis of the latest satellite images of Target parking lots, according to Breitbart.

The company that produced the images, RS Metrics, reported that its analysis for May showed auto traffic at Target stores was down 1.1 percent versus May of 2015.

That may not sound like much, but in contrast, the study also showed that Walmart had a comparatively larger customer flow than Target during the same time period. In fact, the parking lot analysis showed that Walmart patronage jumped 2.5 percent.

Target’s stock has also been affected by the decision to implement its transgender bathroom policy, with the American Family Association announcing the boycott that gained over 1.3 million signatures. Shortly thereafter, the price of Target’s stock fell dramatically.

When Target announced its new policy, its stock was set at $83.98 per share, but now two months later the price point has fallen to $67.88 per share. On June 13 the company was trading stock at $67.14 per share, which represented a slashing of the company’s Wall Street value by one-fifth for a loss of about $10 billion.


Things are really looking bad for Target. Maybe its leaders should reconsider their long term plans and how effective the transgender bathroom policy is for their overall company growth.

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