Telemundo Reporter Caught Doing SICK Thing At Trump Rally… This Explains A LOT

I would hope that nobody watching Telemundo would believe that they were getting a fair, unjaundiced opinion of the Donald Trump phenomenon. The Spanish-language network has made it clear it has no intention of covering Trump’s rise without bias, and more or less conveyed that to its viewers.

However, almost nobody was aware of just how pervasive Telemundo’s bias was until footage of a reporter from the network covering anti-Trump protesters at a Trump rally emerged. It showed a network that was willing to stage shots of the protesters being less offensive and passing it off as “journalism” — when it was, in fact, just the opposite of that.

The footage of the San Diego rally was uploaded to YouTube by Rebel Pundit on Saturday. It shows a Telemundo cameraman taking a shot of two men, one with a Mexican flag and the other with a sign that said “f*** Trump.”

While the man with the sign was more than happy to display it, Telemundo told him to put it away before the recording started. He also pointed out that the other man had the Mexican flag upside-down.

Video can be seen here, but be aware it contains profanity.

“Is that the media staging a shot? Is that the media staging a shot? Is Telemundo staging a shot?” Rebel Pundit filmmaker Andrew Marcus asked.

“Uh, probably,” the reporter said.

When Marcus pointed out that Telemundo was “staging news” and that was bad journalism, the reporter shot back, ““F*** you, man! I need to work!”

Vulgarity aside, what the reporter said was key. This was not a decision he was making on his own. His response indicated that the network’s policy is to censor the extreme vulgarity and often threatening nature of these anti-Trump protests.

So, for instance, this vulgar and hateful video hasn’t wormed its way onto the network yet.

How this passes as journalism is beyond me. What they’re trying to do is whitewash the hatred and disgusting behavior that these anti-Trump thugs have been engaging in. And this is what they call journalism?

It’s time Telemundo was called out on its disgusting lack of standards.

H/T BizPac Review

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