WATCH: Trump Makes Incredible Gesture When Mom Shares Story of Son Killed by Illegal

On Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sat down for a town hall meeting with Fox News host Sean Hannity and a panel of mothers whose children had been murdered by illegal immigrants.

During the event, in which Hannity explored statistics involving crimes committed by illegal immigrants, Laura Wilkerson told Hannity that her current government had betrayed her. She added that she believed a President Hillary Clinton would do “nothing for Americans” and that Trump would do everything for them.

At that moment, Trump leaned in and kissed Wilkerson gently on the cheek — a kind gesture for her pain.

Watch the moment below, just after the 1:00 mark:

Mary Ann Mendoza, whose police officer son had been killed by a repeat offender who was also an undocumented alien, said she was worried about what kind of country we would be leaving our kids.

She added that she had a growing concern for the arrests made at the border of her state because many of them were of people from countries known to be hotbeds of terrorism.

There’s no doubt crime committed by illegal immigrants are an issue for our country.

Trump has vowed to strengthen the borders in an attempt to prevent or at least cut down on crimes like the ones these mothers have endured. He as proposed a wall to keep illegal immigrants out and a temporary ban on individuals from terror-sponsoring nations entering the country until we have a proper way to vet them.

He has ideas about how to handle the problems this country has endured because of illegal immigration, and he is at least attempting to deal with the problem — which is a lot more than President Barack Obama or Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton have done, or will ever do, for that matter.

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