BREAKING: Trump-Hater Bill Kristol Drops Bombshell on Race… Trump Camp Furious

To say that Bill Kristol is not on board the Trump Train is a grievous understatement. The founder of The Weekly Standard has been one of the main neo-con voices speaking out against the presumptive GOP nominee.

However, we haven’t heard a lot from Kristol lately, especially since Trump basically won the nomination. That changed yesterday, when Kristol decided to make a statement on Twitter.

“Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance,” Kristol tweeted.

Needless to say, this didn’t make Trump or his campaign happy — and they’ve tangled with Kristol before. It didn’t take long before Trump was eviscerating Kristol again in 140 characters or less.

Let’s face some facts here: Bill Kristol is about as relevant to the 2016 election as Billy Crystal is. The GOP establishment which he has so championed over the years has either gone to pot or gotten behind Donald Trump.

While I can understand that the country club types that Bill Kristol is most comfortable among don’t necessarily like Trump, do they prefer President Hillary? Because, let’s face facts — that’s what an independent candidate would achieve.

America didn’t want to vote for Mitt Romney four years ago, and that’s when he had the backing of an entire party. Sen. Ben Sasse, one popular candidate, has said no. Libertarian candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson seemed to benefit from a media-created popularity surge right after Trump became the presumptive nominee, but has since slipped back into the near-obscurity most Libertarian candidates enjoy.

The question practically asks itself: Who is Bill Kristol going to get to derail Donald Trump? Perhaps more importantly, whose money is he going to use?

Donor after donor has indicated that they’ll join Trump’s campaign. Kristol himself can’t really fund a campaign on the money he gets from all three remaining subscribers to The Weekly Standard. Barring liberal donors paying for a conservative candidate, there aren’t the funds to do this. And without the funds, there isn’t even going to be ballot access at this late hour.

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Sorry, Bill. America’s moved on. You can try to intimidate Trump via Twitter, but that’s about as far as your idea is going to go.


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