Trumper: I Couldn’t Get a Job Under Obama. I Can’t Keep Up with Jobs Under Trump

James Hoft / YouTube screen shot

Fox interviews Trump supporter at rally in Indiana (James Hoft / YouTube screen shot)

You’ve seen the economic numbers under the Trump administration. They’re looking pretty good, right? But what does that really translate into?

Well, just ask Tony Hughes.

The president was in Evansville, Indiana on Thursday to campaign for Mike Braun, the GOP’s candidate to unseat Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly.

Of course, he was touting the economy, and the numbers looked pretty good. But Hughes, a man interviewed by Fox Business Network outside the rally, talked about what the economy really meant to him.

“Well, I can tell you right now,” Hughes told Fox. “I saw jobs when Obama was in office, and I saw jobs when Trump was in office, it’s night and day.

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“I couldn’t go out in rural communities and get a job when Obama was president,” he continued. “I can’t keep up with the jobs now that Trump is in office.”

And Hughes didn’t just have the MAGA hat typical of Trump supporters. He had Trump socks. That’s how you can tell someone’s a supporter. But wasn’t Donald Trump supposed to be racist? This guy doesn’t think so — and he’s unapologetically a Trump fan.

Of course, Indianans have good reason to be. Places like the Hoosier State, where blue-collar jobs are a major part of the economy, have seen huge job growth under the Trump administration.

In April, the GOP noted that “the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis shows the mining industry has grown as a percentage of the U.S. GDP under President Donald Trump,” an April report by the GOP noted.

“The mining industry increased from 1.4 percent of U.S. GDP in 2016 to 1.7 percent of U.S. GDP in 2017, while real GDP itself increased 2.3 percent in 2017.

“Under President Obama, the mining industry as a percentage of the U.S. GDP dropped from 2.7 percent to 1.4 percent and the mining and logging industry lost 115,000 jobs.

“Mining’s growth as a percentage of the GDP is further evidence of the resurgence of blue-collar jobs in America, which has seen 281,000 new manufacturing jobs, 76,000 new mining and logging jobs, and 328,000 new construction jobs since the beginning of 2017.”

That’s a combination of newfound confidence, sound economic fundamentals, policy changes and leadership.

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No, Trump is not a one-man magician who did all this, nor was the Republican-led Congress. What they did do is get the heck out of the way — something anathema to the Obama administration.

And just look what it’s done for Tony Hughes — and for unemployment as a whole.