PERFECT: Move Aside “Crooked Hillary,” Trump’s Got A New Name For You…

Speaking Friday at the National Rifle Association’s annual conference, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump slammed Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton over her desire to disarm everyday Americans by giving her a new name.

“Hillary wants to disarm vulnerable Americans in high-crime neighborhoods,” he said, according to Breitbart. “Whether it’s a young single mom in Florida, or a grandmother in Ohio, Hillary wants them to be defenseless.”

“And that’s why we’re going to call her Heartless Hillary,” he added.

Because someone who pretends to care for Americans while she at the time plots against their Second Amendment rights is indeed not only heartless, but also hypocritical.

“Heartless hypocrites like the Clintons want to take this and they want to get rid of guns, and yet they have bodyguards that have guns,” Trump explained, referring to both Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

The presumptive GOP nominee added that if Clinton really believed in disarmament, then she should take the lead by disarming her own bodyguards. Yet she refuses to do this because she is, as he explained, both heartless and hypocritical.

According to Politico, Trump also excoriated Clinton for supporting President Barack Obama’s initiative to “release violent criminals from jail and put innocent Americans at risk.”

So Clinton basically wants to release criminals while also disarming innocent Americans at the same time. See a problem with that? Either she really is as heartless as Trump claimed, or she possesses a brain the size of a pea.

Nearly everything the Democrat front-runner supports or aspires to implement would make America a more dangerous place for the majority of its citizens. The only ones who might feel happier would be the criminal drug dealers and illegal immigrants, i.e., those who thrive on evil.

For everybody else, “Heartless Hillary’s” presidency would be quite depressing.

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