War Hero Stuns Millions With Special “Visit” During Premiere Event

Hollywood film makers have always had a fascination with World War II, and with good reason. Even after all these years have passed, movies about the heroism and bravery exhibited by the Greatest Generation continue to amaze and draw huge crowds.

The latest World War II movie called “Dunkirk” focuses on the famous battle where thousands of allied troops were evacuated from the French city of Dunkirk on boats/ships of all shapes and sizes, Global News reported.

At a showing of the film in Canada, World War II veteran Ken Sturdy, a resident of Calgary who actually took part in the Battle of Dunkirk, showed up to the premiere of the movie, stunning all those who were attending the film.

“I never thought I would see that again. It was just like I was there again,” Sturdy explained. “It didn’t have a lot of dialogue. It didn’t need any of the dialogue because it told the story visually and it was so real.”

“I was 20 when that happened, but watching the movie, I could see my old friends again and a lot of them died later in the war,” he explained.

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Many of the people in attendance were shocked, and honored, to be in the presence of someone who actually lived through the horrors that were being shown on film.

While Sturdy did enjoy the film, for him it also was a moment of sadness for him because it reminded him of everyone he lost. Sturdy also said the film should remind younger generations just how horrible war is — something they should never forget.

“Don’t just go to the movie for entertainment. Think about it. And when you become adults, keep thinking,” he stated. “So when I see the film tonight, I see it with a certain kind of sadness. Because what happened back then in 1940, it’s not the end.”

Soon all we will have are films to remember the horror of World War II. There aren’t many veterans of that war left. Let us never forget the sacrifices that they made so that we can be free.

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