Watch: Sen Warren Panics After Radio Host Exposes 1 Percent Hypocrisy

Despite several attempts to prove she is a champion of the working class, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was just exposed by a radio host for her hypocrisy.

After giving an interview Wednesday at the WKRO studio in Boston, Massachusetts, Warren bumped into WRKO radio host Jeff Kuhner in the hallway.

Kuhner asked Warren why she claims to be vehemently against the top one percent of the wealthiest people in America when she is part of the elite group herself.

As noted by the Daily Caller, Warren quickly went from having an energetic vibe to squirming as she struggled to provide an adequate answer.

Kuhner said many of his listeners find it hypocritical that Warren lives in high-end Cambridge, has a $2 million mansion and is worth several millions of dollars herself when she vigilantly rails against other wealthy Americans.

Warren said she “wasn’t born in Cambridge,” and that her father worked several jobs to support her family while she was growing up.

She then tried to play it off by saying she wanted to be a public school teacher but couldn’t afford to pay for the college application or the tuition to go to a good school, so she went to an inexpensive state college for her undergraduate and law degree.

When Kuhner repeatedly asked Warren to admit she is part of the top one percent because of her extravagant lifestyle, Warren clearly had no response.

The video, which was posted on WRKO’s Facebook page, has been viewed over 300,000 times.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being rich, if you got there in an honest way. The beauty of America is the opportunity for upward mobility. The problem is that Warren pretends she’s not part of the elite class, and demonizes the rich in the process.

Outside of her mansion, Warren is the same woman who claimed she has Cherokee Indian heritage while she was tenured at Harvard Law School, despite not having any documentation to prove those claims.

Aside from her big speech to Kuhner claiming she understands what many hard-working Americans go through, Warren was reportedly paid $400,000 to teach one class at Harvard.

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Warren is a hypocrite, and Kuhner had every right to call her out for it.

H/T Daily Caller

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