Watch: NFL Legend Herschel Walker Gives Anthem-Kneelers 1 Perfect Piece of Advice

At least one NFL legend — former Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings star Herschel Walker — has had enough with the league’s anthem-kneeling protests.

According to TMZ, in a video that’s gone viral, Walker lent his support to President Donald Trump and criticized both the players who have decided to kneel and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for allowing the protests.

“I think it means making a league-wide rule that if you want to protest, protest off the job,” Walker said. “Where was everyone before the season started? I didn’t see anyone protesting in front of the White House, protesting in front of Congress or protesting in front of police officers. Why did we wait until football season to start this again? If you’re behind it, you have to be behind it all the way.

“If you want to protest, protest off the job,” he advised.

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While he said that there were problems with racism in America, Walker said that the anthem protests weren’t the way to change anything — particularly not when they were directed at Trump.

“We can’t just point the finger at one person, and most of all you can’t point it at the president,” Walker said.

Meanwhile, he called on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to put an end to the latest round of anthem-kneeling.

“I think everyone needs to stand, everyone needs to be respectful,” Walker said. “The commissioner now needs to take control of this.”

It’s worth noting that Walker is a personal friend of the president’s. Back in the 1980s, Walker played for the Trump-owned New Jersey Generals in the USFL, a short-lived spring football league that competed with the NFL. He’s also appeared on “The Apprentice.”

However, Walker’s comments are spot on. The only thing these anthem protests are changing is the channel on a lot of TVs, as more and more Americans turn the NFL off. If the NFL players want to protest, there are plenty of avenues to do it that don’t occur during the game and don’t involve the anthem or the flag.

That’s a lesson a lot of people seem to have forgotten.

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